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Author Topic: Translations: Tsukihime translation updated to 56.17%, new Revolve website  (Read 5524 times)


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Update By: deekay

The editing of the translated Tsukihime script is at 56.17% according to the latest updates at the Mirror Moon website thanks mainly to the return of Ryuusoul. There are some month old screenshots over there, new to me, and possibly new to you as well.

Also, there is new website up for Revolve Translations which is currently handling the Melty Blood Re-Act translation. Thier URL is

Updated 3/29- Revolve has clarified their post and stated that editing, not translation, of the Tsukihime script is currently at 56.17%

Relevant Link: (
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Hm, they are at 56,17% with the editing, translation is already finshed  ;D
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Really? ^^ That's good, I really want to play it as I liked the anime.


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Like KaioShin said, the progress is at 56.17% for the script rewrite, not the translation. This is taken directly from the Mirror Moon site:

EDIT: Looks like some clarification is needed. The progress is referring to the rewrite, -not- the translation (that was finished long ago). Yes,, I'm looking at you :p

Maybe somebody should update the news article? :)


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This is quite funny.  Why wouldn't the author just come here, use the contact staff form, or board, and tell us about the news being incorrect?

Instead, they make a news update on their site pointing at us in hopes that we just might read it.

Yeah.. there's some logic I don't get.

Just for the sake of irony, I'm not going to change that right now. I'm going to write myself a reminder in hopes that I just might read it later today. ;D
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Well, both would actually be best.  If someone at RHDN interprets something wrong, then it would be likely that other people would interpret it wrong as well when reading the original site.


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According to them, they're also going to translate Fate/Stay Night.  I'm looking forward to that if/when they get it translated.