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Dragon Warrior Monsters

Game Boy

Game Description:

For some reason, Enix thought it needed to create an answer to Nintendo’s Pokemon, so despite already having a game with monster recruiting (Dragon Quest V), it decided to make a spin-off that expands on that aspect. This is that spin-off. If you think all spin-offs are bad and unworthy, this game will spin your world right round.

It’s Dragon Quest but your party is formed by monsters. That’s probably the easiest way to describe it. You can have your monsters fight by themselves, telling them use certain tactics a lot like the NES version Dragon Quest IV, or you can have them take orders from you. I think they don’t always obey (when their loyalty is low) but I rarely had that problem. You can breed two monsters together to get a stronger monster with assets from both parents and for the most part, was more complicated than Pokemon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow, except for the evolution stuff. Monster recruitment is largely by chance, but you can skew things much more to your favor by giving the enemy monsters some meat. It doesn’t always work, but it helps the randomness skew in favor of you. The monsters all learn new ability as they level up. You can only take three of them with you and have 20 max in your farm (not a big issue if you keep breeding them).

The sound in this game are your standard Dragon Quest stuff. Classic sound effects are here and the music is as good. Long time fans will recognize some melodies.

The graphics are pretty good for a Gameboy game, plenty detailed and colorful (if you’re playing it on a GBC). The battle sprites are static, but that only means that battles are quick. It’s all standard stuff here.

This game can get hard, though. Since there’s an aspect of randomness in just about everything, this game could get very easy thanks to having a good balance of good male and female monsters in order to continue breeding stronger monsters, or an unbalanced scale (like in my latest playthrough), where all I have is a harem and one idiot male Draky (who I wouldn’t have any of my monsters breed with). For the most part, though, even if you do get lucky and everything does go your way, you will sweat a bit, trying to survive some battles. And tournament battles are intense because you’re limited to just telling your monsters what tactics to use (you can’t tell them what specific attack they should use). And you can use items in those battles either.

I recommend this game for fans of monster training games and the older Dragon Quest games. The PS version is prettier but is still in Japanese. The 3DS version looks like it would be the definitive version, but I haven’t been able to bet my hands on it.


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GyricGame Specific27 May 2008