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Game Boy Advance

Game Description:

Aw yeah. It’s the original ultraviolent FPS. Call all the moral guardians!

In general, it’s a straight port of Doom for SNES except with awkward controls. It still controls well, but I wouldn’t recommend it over the SNES version, at least (if that was the only other choice). It’s bloody, it’s gory, and it’s impressive for a GBA game. I was actually very impressed by the smoothness in the frame rate. The graphics haven’t changed much and are still flat sprites popping in a 3D environment, but you won’t care because you’ll be too busy pumping bullets into monsters.

In general: Fun game, but I’d choose a different version.


1 Translation
Doom (ES)Fully Playable27 Mar 2020

2 Hacks
Doom (GBA) - PC Doom Total ConversionImprovement03 Jun 2020
GBA Doom Blood Decensoring PatchImprovement28 May 2006