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Final Fantasy II

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Final Fantasy II is a role playing game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


5 Documents
FF2 Charactery BytesGame Specific15 May 2008
FF2 Monster BytesGame Specific10 Jun 2007
FF2 Shop BytesGame Specific10 Jun 2007
Final Fantasy IIj Save EditingGame Specific02 Jan 2006
Final Fantasy 2j Save State HackingGame Specific01 Jan 1999

2 Utilities
CastleFynnScript Extraction / Insertion19 Jan 2016
JadeGame Specific25 Mar 2006

11 Translations
Final Fantasy II (EN)Addendum18 Jun 2020
Final Fantasy II (EN)Addendum16 Jul 2015
Final Fantasy II (EN)Addendum29 Jul 2008
Final Fantasy II (SV)Fully Playable03 Feb 2007
Final Fantasy II (EN)Addendum31 Jul 2006
Final Fantasy II (ES)Fully Playable29 Jul 2005
Final Fantasy II (EN)Addendum30 May 2004
Final Fantasy II (FR)Fully Playable31 Jan 2003
Final Fantasy II (PT)Fully Playable02 Mar 2000
Final Fantasy II (EN)Fully Playable18 Aug 1998

5 Hacks
Final Fantasy II EasyTypeImprovement18 Nov 2011
DTE fixer upper, part deuxImprovement15 Dec 2009
FF2 PAL fixBug Fix26 Sep 2008
FF2: Demonic PandemoniumImprovement26 Feb 2005
FF2 Weapon/Magic Exploit FixBug Fix06 Jun 2004