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Atari 7800

Game Description:

Extra-classic game, Centipede pits you against a centipede going down from the top of the screen towards you. If it reaches you, you lose.

Fortunately you have a laser gun at hand and can fire at it. Every time a hit scores, the centipede splits there, with its burnt link turned into a mushroom, a static obstacle, effectively cutting the remaining path to go for the 2 new, shorter centipedes (or fiftypedes?).

To spice things up, mushrooms already exist at the start of the level, and new waves of enemies appear while previous mushrooms remain on the level. They are of course laid out in asymmetric locations, which makes it harder for the brain to calculate which centipede will reach down first.

Spiders also come to try and eat you, spawning closer to the bottom of the screen.

Folklore depicts you either as an elf or a garden gnome, guarding his own private garden property or his collection of insects. In all honesty, back in the days, you were plain guarding your bottom pixels!


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Centipede Source CodeSource Code24 Dec 1988