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Game & Watch Gallery 4

Game Boy Advance

Game Description:

This is the fourth and last game of the Gallery series, which is comprised of ports and modern recreations of Nintendo’s Game & Watch. For the new platform there is a noticeable graphical update and more content than the others.

There are some games not present in the past three initially, however for the most part, if you own the three Game Boy G&W compilations you won’t find many new games in here. On the plus side, all the previous titles got a visual facelift. That’s not to say this is mostly a rehash of the past three, there’s a few new games (some without a modern mode, though classic mode had an annoying ghosting appearance on purpose to emulate the original feel here) in there after some unlocks and it’s still the same great addicting fun, but ultimately it’s up to you if this game is worth your time or not.


1 Hack
LCD Ghosting Removal PatchImprovement22 Sep 2014