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Super Mario Bros. 3

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Super Mario Bros. 3 is an action platformer game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


5 Documents
SMB3 - Custom Boss Battle LevelsGame Specific25 Feb 2019
SMB3 — Beyond PipesGame Specific31 Jul 2018
SMB3 Enemy Document (Organized)Game Specific28 Jul 2018
SMB3 Object Data & Enemy Data OrdersGame Specific25 Feb 2009
SMB3 Level and Pointer DataGame Specific27 Aug 2008

11 Utilities
SMB3 Foundry for Mac OSXLevel Editors01 Jul 2020
SMB3 Foundry LinuxLevel Editors01 Jul 2020
SMB3 Foundry WindowsLevel Editors01 Jul 2020
SMB3TEGame Specific17 Jul 2009
SMB3 WorkshopLevel Editors14 Nov 2007
SMB3 Map EditorLevel Editors08 Mar 2006
SMB3 Text EditorGame Specific09 Jan 2006
SmB3 Color EditorPalettes25 Jul 2005
Super Mario Bros. 3 TSA EditorGraphics Editors25 Jun 2004
SMB3 DiscombobulatorLevel Editors25 Mar 2001

10 Translations
Super Mario Bros. 3 (ES)Fully Playable13 Apr 2020
Super Mario Bros. 3 (CA)Fully Playable12 Apr 2020
Super Mario Bros. 3 (FR)Fully Playable05 Mar 2020
Super Mario Bros. 3 (ES)Fully Playable22 Jun 2018
Super Mario Bros. 3 (EO)Fully Playable22 Sep 2017
Super Mario Bros. 3 (TL)Fully Playable11 Aug 2016
Super Mario Bros. 3 (FI)Fully Playable07 Dec 2015
Super Mario Bros. 3 (EL)Fully Playable28 Jun 2014
Super Mario Bros. 3 (NL)Fully Playable22 Feb 2004
Super Mario Bros. 3 (SV)Fully Playable18 Apr 1998

94 Hacks
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Ridley X Hack 5Complete24 May 2020
"The Bottomless Bag" - Inventory PatchImprovement13 May 2020
SMB3 - Sound Effect FixBug Fix13 May 2020
SMB3 (Definitive Edition)Addendum12 May 2020
M's Super Mario Bros. 3Complete06 May 2020
Super Muigi Bros.Complete02 May 2020
Super Mario Bros. 3 ClassicComplete01 May 2020
Super Flyin AgainComplete01 May 2020
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Speedrunner's EditionImprovement17 Apr 2020
Super Mario Bros. 3 - No AutoscrollsImprovement12 Apr 2020