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Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Someone or something has poisoned the water supply in Eolis. Our hero must find the water source and solve this mystery before it’s too late.


2 Documents
Faxanadu DisassemblySource Code27 Jun 2005
Faxanadu Level DataGame Specific13 Feb 2005

2 Utilities
Faxanadu enemy randomizerGame Specific18 Jul 2019
Faxanadu Shop EditorGame Specific04 Apr 2018

3 Translations
Faxanadu (EN)Fully Playable27 Jan 2019
Faxanadu (ES)Fully Playable03 Oct 2011
Faxanadu (NL)Fully Playable23 Jul 2008

4 Hacks
Faxanadu RestorationImprovement09 Jul 2015
Faxanadu Difficulty/Pendant BugfixBug Fix18 May 2011
Faxanadu UncensoredImprovement22 Apr 2007
Faxanadu FaceliftImprovement30 Mar 2005