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Final Fantasy III Platinum

Hack of Final Fantasy III


The author believes that Final Fantasy 3 was a great, but rather flawed game. There were many parts in the game that many considered broken or unbalanced. In this hack, the game’s challenge was adjusted to be at a more appropriately difficult level, there was done a bunch of little changes to remove the cheap tactics that the player could use to easily beat the game. Common bug fixes were also applied.

This game has been tested all the way through 6 times, and the author is quite happy about how everything turned out.

Huge Thanks -

Of course, this hack would not exist without the great FF3USME ROM hacking program by Lord J. and his mighty crew of contributors -

Also it wouldn’t exist without FF3Edit program by Yousei and Eizneckam at Tortured Realms.

Approximate Change List -

  • Weakened characters significantly so that the game can pose an actual challenge (changed the incremental experience evolution - see Increment_Experience_Evolution.txt).
  • Weakened Cat Scratch attack to L.4 from L.6.
  • Prepended esper names with magic type (to allow player to ‘class’ characters according to magic type).
  • Bosses always give the desired stolen / dropped item.
  • Made only certain items throwable (for convenience).
  • Changed Economizer halve the cost of spells and give 1/2 MP bonus.
  • Reduced ‘extra hp’ rating of all main characters, and moogles to 1/4 of original.
  • Reduced ‘extra hp’ rating of Vicks and Wedge to 1/2 of original.
  • Removed ability for gear to absorb HP from elemental spells.
  • Added 2 knives that teach Cure 1 and 2, and made them equippable by all characters.
  • Made Kirin and Sraphim teach Cure 2 and 3 rather than Cure and Cure 2.
  • Made Golem and Unicorn teach Cure 3 instead of Cure 2.
  • Increase learn rate for Cure 3 on later espers appropriately.
  • Heavily increased cost of cuarative spells.
  • Increased power of all Cure spells.
  • Reduced power of AutoCrossbow to 80.
  • Made common curative items give only 1/5 of normal amount.
  • Made it impossible to steal Elixers / Megalixers from enemies on Solitary Island.
  • Gave Setzer Jump instead of Slot.
  • Gave Gau Fight instead of Magic.
  • Gave Banon GP Rain instead of Health.
  • Made Locke start with Sneak Ring.
  • Made Setzer able to equip spears.
  • Made Gau able to equip claws, but reduced starting battle power to 50 from 99.
  • Made Mog able to equip swords.
  • No curative items do damage on undead bosses.
  • No curative magic does damage on undead bosses.
  • Changed Gauntlet to add Haste.
  • Changed Drainer to randomly cast Drain as well.
  • Changed Heal Rod to Vampire Rod and made it absorb HP, randomly casting Drain as well.
  • Changed Charm Bangle to increase Fight, Magic, and HP by 1/2.
  • Changed Moogle Charm to increase Fight, Magic, and MP by 1/2, and made equippable by all characters.
  • Changed Coin Toss to Lucky Coin, casting Rflect, Regen, and Safe.
  • Replaced Soul Sabre with Hades.
  • Replaced Osmose with Insane.
  • Removed El Nino move from Rhizopas, Aqua Breath from Anguiform, and Ice 2 from 2nd Kefka (they were one-hit kills).
  • Gau starts with no rages. This allows you to be more selective about the rages you learn.
  • Halved levels necessary to gain spells naturally.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • GoodName: Final Fantasy III (U) (V1.0) [!]
  • CRC32: A27F1C7A
  • SHA-1: 4F37E4274AC3B2EA1BEDB08AA149D8FC5BB676E7




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