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Luigi's Mansion PAL 60hz Patch

Hack of Luigi's Mansion


PAL 50 is an infamous format if you live in Europe, and you were into games between the eighties and the mid two thousands.

This hack makes it so it asks the player if they want to change to “Progressive Mode” like other games with official PAL 60 support, changing the resolution from 576i to 480i; and making it run at the original speed it should work, instead of running around 16% slower (In this case, from 25fps to 30).

The most interesting part of the PAL version of Luigi’s Mansion is the fact that the Hidden Mansion Mode is much more challenging and has more changes made to it compared to the NTSC-US version, making it the European release a more complete version.

Included are both IPS and xDelta patches, so you can choose.

Huge thanks and credits to Ralf@gc-forever for his original code.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Luigi's Mansion (Europe) (En, Fr, De, Es, It) (v1.01).iso
  • CRC32 9A75E03A
  • SHA-1 3F742BF1DB42BD3B24EC50BC66320F762B043752
  • MD-5 109274D9078B5AECF3BFA9AF1D10688C




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