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Kinnikuman: DX Edition

Hack of M.U.S.C.L.E.


Kinnikuman is a successful manga/anime created by the artistic duo “Yudetamago”. It’s a parody of the “tokusatsu” genre, and of wrestling in general, with bizarre characters often created by fans. In the USA, the characters are best known for the line of rubber toys that Mattel distributed to exploit the wrestling boom on the middle of the 80’s.

Comments about this game are mostly negative, due to the undetailed graphics and clumsy control. These comments ignore that game is from 1985 and occupies 24 kilobytes of memory! The half of classic Donkey Kong!

So, this hack tries to solve at least one of the game’s known problems, notably improving the graphics and making the characters recognizable to any fan. Here’s a list of the changes:

Ver. 1.0

● Improved character design. Now, all of them are recognizable, but keeping the original SD style.

● The character who throws supporting items known as Meat in the manga/anime has been replaced by Nachiguron (a kaiju/monster fan of Kinnikuman).

● Changes in the top bar: Now it has an SFII style.

● Palette changes for cosmetic, and sometimes for practical reasons (the blank mat was annoying for the eyes, especially on old TVs).

Ver. 2.0

This version is a remaster of the previous hack, using the expertise acquired since the date it was published:

● Significant graphic improvement in character sprites. Now, they look like what the author of the hack intended in his first attempt, with more detailed faces and stylized bodies.

● Terryman is a “generic cowboy character”, initially introduced in the manga/anime as a seemingly flawless chojin/superhero (the opposite of Kinnikuman), but losing interest as the plot progresses. It has been replaced by Blackhole, one of the “Seven Akuma Choujin/Devil Superheros”, as Buffalo Man.

● Revised Top Bar design.

● Revised color palette. The characters look better and don’t get confused with the background color.

● Initially, Asuraman retained the manga color pattern (blue and gold). Now, he shows a colour pattern close to the anime, like the rest of the characters.

● Slight improvements, such as the background audience that looks diffuse again, or details added to the ropes of the ring.

Ver. 2.1

● Small flaw detected and fixed: Nachiguron used the same color as the background of stage 3 (0C). Now it uses black color (0F).

It’s self-explanatory, but in the rar file you have two versions of the hack: 1.0 (the old one, in case you want to take a look) and 2.1 (the new one).

You can check the graphical progress on the screenshots, or give the game a second chance. I hope you enjoy it!

Note: This hack works perfectly with the one created by DANGER X, “Kinnikuman Supreme Hack“, which changes the characters stats.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • ·No-Intro Name: Kinnikuman - Muscle Tag Match (Japan)
  • ·(No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • ·File SHA-1: BFF07BFA4C5BA80375142864F42D61560E0B6FCA
  • ·ROM SHA-1: 702F010D37FDA6C419F52785F0A4AE498E1E0539




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