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Final Fantasy Tactics - Complete v2

Hack of Final Fantasy Tactics


Major changes:

  • It swaps O-X buttons, so the game behaves like a true US game (Holding both works as turbo for X).
  • Party roster extension up to 20 slots.
  • Monster job wheel after certain event.
  • One additional job.
  • WOTL text.
  • Dynamic level cap until the end of the game.
  • No dupe or JP glitches.
  • Ramza jobs changed.
  • Plus a lot of minor changes.


  • Xjamxx for most of the hacks used here.
  • melonhead & Glain for the FFTPatcher Suite.
  • Cheetah for FFT complete translations.
  • FFHacktics spriters for some modded sprites.


in 1.14 (July 17):

  • Fixed R1-L1 switch formation hack. Can only be used if sorted by number.
  • More minor changes added in the README (they are since v1.0 but were not documented).

in 1.13 (July 7):

  • Fixed X-O references in tutorial battles.

in 1.12 (May 31):

  • Fixed a portrait in the Fur Shop or Poach’s den.
  • Fixed some items description misalignments.
  • Added a README.txt in the patch archive.

in 1.11 (May 23):

  • Fixed some tutorial and help issues.
  • Fixed Male Geomancer Sprite sheet.
  • Fixed (simplified) monsters transitions.
  • Lowered Move from 5 to 4 for last Ramza job (increased Jump to 4).
  • Increased prices for top gear (since all can be bought from fur shop).
  • Increased hit chance of Mustadio’s abilities.

in 1.1 (May 15):

  • Fixed some graphical issues with the job wheel.
  • Fixed some portraits and sprites.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • SCUS-94221




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Early ImpressionsVentis Aurelius30 May 20191.11Yes