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Final Fantasy Tactics - Complete v2

Hack of Final Fantasy Tactics


Changes in 1.1 (May 23):

Fixed some tutorial and help issues. Fixed Male Geomancer Sprite sheet. Fixed (simplified) monsters transitions. Lowered Move from 5 to 4 for last Ramza job (increased Jump to 4). Increased prices for top gear (since all can be bought from fur shop). Increased hit chance of Mustadio’s abilities.

Changes in 1.1 (May 15):

  • Fixed some graphical issues with the job wheel.
  • Fixed some portraits and sprites.

Changes in 1.0 (May 14):

  • It swaps O-X buttons, so the game behaves like a true US game (Holding both works as turbo for X).
  • Party roster extension up to 20 slots
  • Monster job wheel after certain event.
  • One additional job.
  • WOTL text.
  • Dynamic level cap until the end of the game.
  • No dupe or JP glitches.
  • Ramza jobs changed.
  • Plus a lot of minor changes.


  • Xjamxx for most of the hacks used here
  • melonhead & Glain for the FFTPatcher Suite
  • Cheetah for FFT complete translations
  • FFHacktics spriters for some modded sprites.


  • Version 1: Initial Release
  • Apply the fftc-v2.ppf patch to a clean US Final Fantasy Tactics image file using ppf-o-matic3, or similar software. Over that patched image apply the fftc-v2-fix.ppf patch.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • SCUS-94221




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