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Balance Spell MP Cost

Hack of Secret of Mana


This hack increases or decreases the MP cost of a wide range of spells improve the utility of useless spells and reduce the appeal of commonly overused spells in order to incentivize using a wider range of spells more often rather than the original game’s propensity to result in players leaning hard on a few spells at the expense of all the others.

Specific changes:

Primm spells price increases:

  • Cure Water: 2mp - 4mp
  • Fire Saber: 2mp - 4mp
  • Moon Saber: 2mp - 4mp

Primm spell price reductions:

  • Ice Saber: 2mp - 1mp
  • Defender: 2mp - 1mp
  • Speed Up: 3mp - 1mp
  • Thunder Saber: 3mp - 2mp
  • Light Saber: 5mp - 2mp
  • Lucent Beam: 8mp - 2mp
  • Lunar Boost: 2mp - 1mp
  • Moon Energy: 2mp - 1mp
  • Wall: 6mp - 4mp
  • Revivifer: 10mp - 4mp

Popoi spells price increases:

  • Energy Absorb: 2mp - 3mp
  • Freeze: 2mp - 3mp
  • Acid Rain: 3mp - 4mp
  • Gem Missile: 2mp - 3mp
  • Earth Slide: 3mp - 4mp

Popoi spell price reductions:

  • Silence: 2mp - 1mp
  • Sleep Flower: 2mp - 1mp
  • Burst: 4mp - 2mp

Recommended companion hacks:

This hack works best when combined with some other popular hacks to better balance the spell list, such as:

  • “Spell Power Tweaks” by zhaDe: Alters spell power of Popoi’s attack spells to make them more proportionate to MP cost.
  • “Saber Elemental Damage” by zhaDe: Makes it so elemental damage from saber spells take the victim’s element into account. 125% damage to weak enemies. 75% damage to strong enemies.
  • “Lower Weapon Status Infliction” by zhaDe: Reduces the chances that a weapon will inflict a status.
  • “Extend Buff Time” by zhaDe: Increases time that time-based stat-enhancing spells last.
  • “Acid Storm - Magic Def Down” by zhaDe: Makes Acid Storm decrease magic defense as well as physical defense.
  • “Speed Up - Faster Recharge” by zhaDe: Makes Speed Up also increase the pace of stamina recharge.
  • “Thunder Saber - Silence” by Queue: Causes Thunder Saber to also inflict confuse status.
  • “Reduce Moon Saber Healing” by zhaDe: Cuts Moon Saber healing to 50% of damage dealt.
  • “Light Saber - Balloon” by Queue: Causes Light Saber to also inflict balloon status.
  • “More Useful Evil Gate” by Kethinov: Makes Evil Gate possible to use on (some) bosses but also imposes some new limitations to prevent it from being too overpowered.
  • “Herbal Boost” by Kethinov: Swaps the positions of Moon Energy and Revivifier in Primm’s spell list to make the overpowered Luna elemental a bit less awesome and the underutilized Dryad elemental a bit more useful.

Important things to note:

  • Apply this to an unheadered ROM.
  • This hack is compatible with “Herbal Boost” but only if “Herbal Boost” is applied after this hack.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Secret of Mana (USA).sfc - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: D0176B24
  • MD5: 10A894199A9ADC50FF88815FD9853E19
  • SHA-1: 8133041A363E3CC68CEDEF40B49B6D20D03C505D
  • SHA-256: 4C15013131351E694E05F22E38BB1B3E4031DEDAC77EC75ABECEBE8520D82D5F




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