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Shop Menu Bugfix

Hack of Final Fantasy VII


This is a bug-fix for Final Fantasy VII Shop Menu which is only present in the American and Japanese NTSC versions.

This visual bug consists of wrong numbers being displayed for equipped accessories on the “Sell” screen.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • NTSC - Japanese
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • SLPS-00700. Disc 1. MD5: e69ffb42c2d13e902156cd50273e496d
  • SLPS-00701. Disc 2. MD5: aad3ffd8f054b9ebead0acfffac82664
  • SLPS-00702. Disc 3. MD5: e7ae43a76da7c3b42968cf26760a8018
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • NTSC - Japanese (International)
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • SLPS-01057. Disc 1. MD5: d87de4eaed7710a10774854e34c2e277
  • SLPS-01058. Disc 2. MD5: 207b1d1a2e2eb4b14be1e0f4b2cb0596
  • SLPS-01059. Disc 3. MD5: 47c41ab5f6db0fe1203edc553c2c5887
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • NTSC - USA
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • SCUS-94163. Disc 1. MD5: cce4e76d020b47847fe8e2f81ff613db
  • SCUS-94164. Disc 2. MD5: ccf63cd314d3e79878323199eb09d7dd
  • SCUS-94165. Disc 3. MD5: eac916b42d5c24f951c8dec2f13a63de
  • ---------------------------------------------------------




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An old problem being solvedpating02 Oct 20191.0Yes