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Baten Kaitos Origins Undub patch

Hack of Baten Kaitos Origins


This patch allows to change 100% of the voices of Baten Kaitos Origins in japanese.

It is compatible with the US version and the translated FR version from MYTH-Project and Atelier Traduction.

All the scenes, battle voices and videos have been undubbed.

Note: The patch is too large to be hosted by RHDN. It may be obtained from here:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • US ISO disc 1 CRC32 : ADF9FCB3
  • US ISO disc 2 CRC32 : B835FE56
  • FR ISO disc 1 v1.0 CRC32 : 4C578D78
  • FR ISO disc 2 v1.0 CRC32 : B0133874




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
RyleFuryHackingComplete hacking and patcher

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