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Super Wario Bros.: English Version

Hack of Super Mario Bros.


English translation of Super Wario Bros., a graphics hack of Super Mario Bros. made by sics/Terwilf. All Spanish texts were translated to English.

Apply the patch on top of a ROM patched with that hack.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Original unedited ROM hashes:
  • Super Mario Bros. (PC10).nes
  • File SHA-1: D48D2C65FDA380217EAD73FFA6A46CAE62939194
  • File CRC32: BAD306EF
  • ROM SHA-1: 5AA663E64AA32602C8AE82C0BBD4EA279EF1A346
  • ROM CRC32: F21AF99C
  • After applying the Super Wario Bros. patch, the hashes should be:
  • File SHA-1: E1BDA410E0F67A1AF6D88E98EE3BFF3442E4879D
  • File CRC32: 3C915A72
  • ROM SHA-1: 57E56C6101A2731EB60E63B779533B7DFE5D3F1B
  • ROM CRC32: DBE340AC




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
TerwilfOriginal HackingMaker of Super Wario Bros.
Green JerryHackingHacking for the English version

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