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Tales of Phantasia PSX: Making the Energizer Bunny proud.

10 November 2007 10:30AM EST - Update by Cless

Translations News

The project that’s still going (for almost eight years now), Phantasian Production’s Tales of Phantasia PSX continues to roll along smoothly. Is the end finally in sight?

It sure seems to be! The script translation is now somewhere around 80%. The ASM hacking is almost done– there’s only one major thing left to add to the game: Subtitles for the game’s voice-only prologue battle. Other than that, just a small amount of refining and optimization.

That said, the ground work for skit subbing has been laid and we can get subtitles to appear on the screen when we want them. We’re now refining that hack to make them appear more like standard video subtitles.

A lot of cosmetic hacking has happened and I’m pretty much ready to call the layouts of the most recent set of screenshots to reflect what the final patch will look like. I am very satisfied with how it’s turned out.

I’ve put in some small additional content to the game. I added two insane extra difficulty levels (was a pretty easy hack) if for some reason the original hardest wasn’t enough for you. I’ve also added all encounters with the game’s nemesis to the game’s bestiary menu, who was mysteriously absent in the original game.

I’m trying to aim for a release within a few months. But the script revision process is going to be a very, very thorough and exhaustive one to ensure quality and accuracy.

Anyway, the unabridged version of this update can be found at my website, with perhaps too many screenshots (56k warning?).

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