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Some Wozzy news

13 October 2005 7:45PM EST - Update by Kitsune Sniper

Translations News

Nightcrawler posted some news regarding his Choumahou Tairiku WOZZ translation - including artwork, in-game translation progress, and a comic (translated by Akujin and Jonny). Visit his site for more information.

Release: Hiouden - Legend of the Scarlet King

13 October 2005 7:42PM EST - Update by Kitsune Sniper

Translations News

Gideon Zhi released a translation patch for Hiouden: Legend of the Scarlet King - The Demonic Oath. As mentioned at his site, there’s a few bugs left, so read the readme for more details.

He also announced that he’s working on Cyber Knight 2: The script is almost fully translated as of this writing (by Deuce, main translator to Ys I and II Eternal / Complete), and by using some of the tools provided by z80Gaiden. So w00t.

Bigass Robots: The Revenge of Strag0

13 October 2005 7:20PM EST - Update by Kitsune Sniper

Translations News

Strag0 has set up a blog with images of his latest project, Super Robot Wars Alpha for the Playstation! The images are not final, but they show a lot of progress. So far, most of the menu and general display text is done, but there’s still a four meg script to go through. He’s looking for volunteers at the moment who are willing to take a small chunk of the script. Once it is done, he’ll check all files to ensure the script has no errors.

Anyway, there’s no patch but go see the pretty screenshots.

Arabs and a birthday

13 October 2005 7:13PM EST - Update by Kitsune Sniper

Translations News

kammedo, lord and master of Yonin no Translators, updated recently with news about his current health status, and a request for graphic help. He needs someone to work on Arabian Nights’ graphics, especially the title screen, so if you think you can help, send him an email. The game is around 95% done, so get cracking on those emails! Help him out!

Also, we would like to wish a happy belated birthday to Hector, YnT’s translator!

al|together now 2005 release six visual novel translations

13 October 2005 7:09PM EST - Update by Kitsune Sniper

Translations News

While looking through the queue, I stumbled upon a link which then led me to al|together 2005 - a group effort where seven different Japanese visual novels were translated! The titles are:

A Midsummer Day’s Resonance

Kira -Snowdrop-

The Poor Little Bird

Plain Song

Plain Song Christmas Special

IO [Christmas Eve]

There are no patches up for download - only complete games are available, via torrent, I believe. But since all of these are freeware, I don’t think that would be a real problem.

You can visit the fruit of everyone’s labor at their official website.


I do not know if these items are of adult nature; however, these games don’t appear to be of that persuasion, so there should be no problem. Enjoy!

Perfect Cherry Blossom

13 October 2005 6:50PM EST - Update by Kitsune Sniper

Translations News

Simon Bién (s'’) released a complete translation patch for Perfect Cherry Blossom a few weeks ago. Since the patch is huge, we cannot host it, but you can pick it up here. That page also has a link to the current WIP thread for the patch. If any changes occur, they will be listed there.

Advanced Military Commando 0.80 released!

13 October 2005 6:37PM EST - Update by Kitsune Sniper

Translations News

Before I go on to the news item, I have to point out that the site is currently undergoing some very drastic changes. You may have noticed that we shut down for a little while; well, (wraith) has posted information about the upcoming changes here; that update wasn’t posted on the RSS feed, so if you get your news through it, now you know. And knowing is half the battle. We’re still gonna be around for a little bit, so send your news items and we’ll post them.

Anyway, on to business!

Nebelwurfer posted a new update to his Advanced Military Commander (Advanced Daisenryaku) translation. Among the new features is that half the scenarios are now in English! But, he’s approaching some very long scenarios, so he needs help to complete them and further the translation. If you think you can help, feel free to send him an email.

You can get the current patch here, or at his site.

Tales of Phantasia PSX marches on

09 September 2005 1:25AM EST - Update by Shih Tzu

Translations News

There’s news of several small but significant advances over at Phantasian ProductionsTales of Phantasia PSX translation project. All four of the hackers and coders report progress on several fronts, including 8×8 variable-width menu fonts and dual-tile encoding. Cless also happily reports that he’s learned enough “ultra-basic” PSX assembly to work out such “simple things” as extended 7-letter names for the main characters, 21-letter monster names, and many other cosmetic hacks.

Cless has posted a new progress screenshot and promises that more new screens will follow shortly:

He also cautions that “although all this news may sound really great, we still have a long ways to go,” a refrain undoubtedly familiar to anyone who follows the video game fan-translation hobby.

You can read the news in far greater detail over at Phantasian Productions.

New Tales of Phantasia and Narikiri Dungeon 3 GBA patches out

08 September 2005 7:52PM EST - Update by Kitsune Sniper

Translations News

Kajitani-Eizan recently updated the patches for Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 and Tales of Phantasia (GBA port), fixing a few bugs and chipping away at the text further.

He also posted a few requests for help on his site. He said a lot, but for the most part he’s looking for GBA ASM hackers to help him locate some stuff he can’t find and to give the translations a better, more professional look; he would also like to get help from any people with large knowledge of the Tales of Phantasia universe and Japanese translators to help him with the script in all three games. He needs help badly since he’s not that good at GBA ASM or Japanese (hey, his own words, don’t yell at me!).

You can give him a holler at the email address at his site if you wish to help out.

Ys I and II Complete... COMPLETE AT LAST!

28 August 2005 2:18PM EST - Update by Kitsune Sniper

Translations News

Has it really been three years since this project started?

NightWolve released a complete translation patch for Ys II - The Final Chapter, which essentially completes his Ys I & II: Complete Edition translation project. He, along with many other people, have dedicated three years of their lives to convert this classic game into a format that non-Japanese speakers can enjoy. And they’re finally done.

I really don’t have much to say other than most of us are really happy for this, and wish NightWolve and everyone else who’s contributed to this project the best. (No, he’s not quitting or anything, I’m just fucking HAPPY here.)

Get both patches at NightWolve’s site, since we can’t host it due to bandwidth concerns. And while you’re there, you might want to check out the soundtrack link… *whistles innocently*

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