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    Added the following features: - All the shine sprite models have been tinted green, including the ones on the episode select menus and the monument one in Delfino Plaza. - The Shadow Mario wanted poster in Delfino Airstrip has been changed to a wanted poster of Shadow Luigi. - Various shine sprite images have been tinted green. Updated the list of things it still needs by adding these previously unmentioned problems: - The FLUDD nozzles don't always render correctly. - The Luigi model lacks many of the texture-altering features of the original Mario model, such as visibly getting dirty from the goop or closing his eyes when he goes to sleep. - The level entry portals are still "M"s instead of "L"s. - The goop originally at Delfino Airstrip is still in the shape of a Mario head with an "M" above it instead of a Luigi head with an "L" above it. I also added in the description that people should explain how they created the new assets they make for this mod to me so I can more easily alter them if necessary. And I changed two of the pictures to show off the newly green tinted shine sprite models and textures.

Final Fantasy Negative One

Hack of Final Fantasy


This is a very comprehensive redesign of Final Fantasy 1.

In addition to the weapon, armor, monster, spell, and job data being rebuilt from the ground up, you can now select from among 12 jobs at the beginning rather than only 6.

Weapons and armor now have types, and jobs equip items by type rather than by individual weapons or armors (e.g. if you can use one staff you can use them all).

Each spell now has two colors rather than just one. A spell can be Black or White, and in addition can be Red or Time. Black spells are offensive, White defensive; Red spells are direct, Time indirect. Thus a spell like CURE would be White Red, while LOCK would be Black Time.

Some of the maps are largely the same but there are a few differences. However, many maps are completely new altogether.

Many bug-fixes and improvements have been applied; too many to list, but among them are the martial arts bug, the house bug, faster text boxes, 5-letter character names, unbroken spell routines (e.g. “attack up”), and weapon elements.

Version 2 fixes most, if not all, of the graphical oddities present in version 1. It also adds a few more features, including a random(ish) default party, both directional buttons working on the character selection screen (so if you “missed” the job you wanted you don’t have to cycle back around through 11 jobs), the clinics are free now and heal everything (not just KO), as well as a variety of other miscellaneous minor fixes and improvements.

Also of note, even in version 1, there is/was no waterfall dungeon, and it is not required to complete the game.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy (U) [!].nes
  • CRC32: AB12ECE6
  • MD5: 9B0F042C FDC5F9E8 200B4710 4A4768A9
  • SHA1: 80CE108F BC066C98 5D4FB541 BD68E9A7 C8994FEB




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

A good hack

Reviewed By: pianophile on 29 Jul 2012

Overall, I though that this was a well thought of hack that could use a bit of further refinement.

The main features I suppose could be compressed into these four aspects: 1. A new class system 2. A revised spell system 3. New Weapons and Armor 4. New maps and revised maps with corresponding new bosses and enemies.

Despite not having a readme file, the first three are adequately explained in-game through a circle of mages who have conveniently inhabited Corneria.

As advertised, there are 12 classes to choose from right at the very start with 4 pure melee classes, 4 pure magic classes, and 4 mixed classes.

My thought however is that some classes in particular such as Thief and Ninja peak earlier in the game due to the 255 hit percentage cap. The result is that they lose their advantage over the course of the game as the other characters catch up.

The Sage and Time Mage class also peak rather early at level 24 but the drawback is that they are more frail and are less viable as melee attackers than the Black and White Wizard.

The weapons and armor are all tied to their classes and perhaps this is where some rebalancing could be done just so that the agility characters wouldn’t be deprived of their advantages by end game.

There are at least 4 new maps from scratch in this game and all four with their own enemies and bosses. However, I have to voice out my displeasure in the Dark Shrine map. This is a map where the player has to literally feel the way around in the dark due to invisible walls and paths. It’s extremely frustrating and redundant detracting from the gaming experience rather than adding to it. Perhaps a large maze would have been better.

Other possible bugs I encountered.

1. I couldn’t access the Waterfall for some reason completely halting my progress. 2. I can face the the Seraph boss in the Mirage Desert or near Gaea. 3. I remember having difficulty in accessing the airship requiring hackster intervention.

Overall, there are enough new material to warrant a playthrough but I hope that the author would take a look at the bugs and squash them.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Nice improvements to what already was the golden standardRobertAugustdeMeijer20 Jul 20152.0Yes
A good hackpianophile29 Jul 2012N/AYes