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GoldenEye X

Hack of Perfect Dark


Welcome back to GoldenEye X! Our focus this release has been adjusting and correcting things previously problematic or flawed in patch 5a and prior. A huge number of weapons have had their firing rates modified to match (when comparing side-by-side on console) the original guns in GE007. Some may not be as noticeable, but others like the Sniper Rifle and Cougar Magnum should stand out. Tons of audio effects have been replaced, making the game sound much more like how it should. Be it subtle weapon use effects (such as planting a mine or slashing with a knife), to explosions, and even ricochets. Your ammunition and function displays are also using a new colour scheme; yellow/orange for ammo, and green/cyan for functions. Door operation speeds in many VR levels are now set to their proper values. You’ll find that Simulants are now much better at navigating the Caverns map, as well. Brand new intro music and logo are both featured at the start of the game. An optimized version of Cradle is the only new addition to the levels list. Though due to its poor performance with many players and Sims participating all together in a match, this may not remain in future patches. Two bonus weapons are available for use in both VR mode and missions. The first is the Seeker (Perfect Dark’s Slayer), and the other is a personal drone gun (Laptop Sentry Gun). There are many other details we won’t get into in depth, but a list has been included in the readme file. As always, our deepest appreciation goes out to those who’ve continued to follow this mod. Your support keeps us going.

Check us out on YouTube for trailers and other feature videos:

AS A SPECIAL NOTE: This version of the mod DOES NOT support the mission campaign. What you’ll find there is leftover from Perfect Dark. Levels contain replaced textures, different characters, changed weapons, and some may not be beaten or even load. All missions are unlocked from a new file, to allow curious players to try them. They have not been modified and are not an official part of the mod. All missions will be replaced in a later release.

You’ll require a patcher that is capable of handling Xdelta files. If you do not already have one, please head over to the GoldenEye Vault website to download the GE/PD Editor. Additional information regarding the patching process can be found there.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Perfect Dark (U) (V1.1) [!].z64
  • CRC32: 4C1677F7
  • MD5: E03B088B6AC9E0080440EFED07C1E40F
  • SHA-1: AF8788AC4D1A57260EAE9C53FFE851FCF2A3319B




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Awesome, it's like GoldenEye 2.0

Reviewed By: SkinnyV on 04 Oct 2012

I felt the need to write a review after reading the previous one that got posted. This mod is awesome, it’s everything everyone liked about GoldenEye but ported to the updated game engine of Perfect Dark. There’s new game mode for multiplayer with thing like capture the flag, king of the hill and more. They are really fun to play, specially king of the hill. The previous reviewer mentioned it’s only fun in multiplayer. While this mod was developed with multiplayer in mind (they mentioned that single player will be the next thing they will be focusing on), I had plenty of fun playing it by myself. I do not have much friend playing retro-game which make it pretty hard to enjoy a good old game of GoldenEye but with GoldenEye X, I can do just that because of the bot (or simulant, as they’re called in the game) included in the game. At first I thought they were dumb and not really challenging at all, but that was until I found the bot setting menu. There’s different bot AI ranging from really dumb to very skilled and when you set them properly, they can be challenging enough to feel like you’re playing against someone. Of course it won’t ever replace the fun of playing against friend but I was surprised how enjoyable it turned out to be. I even had some instance where I got killed and I would thrash talk to the tv like if I was playing against someone!

As for the bug mentioned by the previous reviewer, I am not sure if it emulation related as I am playing on the real hardware using a flashcart and did not experience that kind of issues. I think there was only one assignment that gave me a black screen up until now and I seem to recall reading something in the read-me about a bug preventing a map or assignment of loading in the absence of a Expansion Pak so it could be the cause as I do not own an Expansion Pak right now. One thing for sure is that I played over 50 game and around 12 assignments and never really noticed any weird bug beside that one assignment not loading.

I really recommend to fan of the original Golden Eye to try this mod (hopefully with friends!) and I look forward to future patch revision as I’ve read that now that the multi-player experience is mostly finished and all the weapon got added and tweaked, they will focus on single player mission. The only thing missing from this mod in my opinion is the original mission campaign and seeing how passionate the peoples behind this mod are, I have a feeling that they will eventually get there!

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The Goldeneye Multiplayer Experience You Rememberaleckermit08 Nov 20175.2Yes
Awesome, it's like GoldenEye 2.0SkinnyV04 Oct 2012N/AYes
Fun with friends only.arbleich11 Jul 2012N/ANo