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My Little Pony: Dr. Discord's Conquest

Hack of Mega Man 3


This ROM hack of Mega Man 3 completely redesigns the game to resemble the world and characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with new graphics and music from a wide range of games. Enemy and Boss AI is also altered as well as the control scheme (no sliding like in Mega Man 2)

The evil Discord has once again returned, and it is up to Twilight Sparkle to stop him as well as her rampaging friends!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • Original Bytes: (length=393232)
  • CRC32: 452d8089
  • MD5: 75b924155cafee335c9ea7a01bfc8efb
  • SHA-1: 53197445e137e47a73fd4876b87e288ed0fed5c6
  • SHA-256: eddbe571cf0a201ba9d090fbace9843c9c9dd4053051649f2575b088752f4675
  • Mega Man 3 (U) [!]




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User Review Information

Fun, but unpolished. (v1.0)

Reviewed By: Sparkbomber on 14 Jan 2014

To clarify, I’m not a MLP:FIM fan. I did occasionally see the 80’s series as a kid (due to one sibling being a fan), but I know practically next to nothing of the new series.

Yet I am a fan of Mega Man games and have enjoyed a few good hacks/edits/etc. so I decided to give this one a chance one evening and was surprised.

Story overview The story basically entails that dr. Discord, something of a mismatched dragon-thing, has caused several of the ponies to go on a rampage. The sassy light-purple one has to stop them before the world ends or something.

Gameplay Very roughly speaking, MLP:DDC is an edit of Mega Man 3, so the gameplay basically is similar, with a few notable exceptions. There have been some changes though and not for the better.

Your pony cannot slide. As this conflicts with several carry-over GP-elements from the host game for this hack you’ll feel frustrated from time to time. Say when Rainbow Dash flicks spinning tops at you and they always score a hit.

Not all parts of the level design have been checked for issues. So in Apple Jack’s level for instance there is a place where you climb up a ladder, if you climb back down it has the same effect as falling into a pit of doom: one life lost. Some areas have what appears to be openings to the next part, only to be revealed as uncovered (read: invisible) walls with a pit-drop next to them.

Enemy A.I. has been left mostly unchanged for the minor enemies and a few of the later bosses and it’ll be easy to spot which is which. The toad enemies for example, are tricky, but only because their sprite is larger than their hit zone and they can only be hit while jumping.

One last aspect I’d like to mention is that the game is not even remotely as difficult as the host game.

Design, graphics As I mentioned previously, I’m not a fan of the MLP series, so I cannot judge if the pony representations are accurate. What I can say is that all of them are bipedal in the game and that while they have been edited it is still easy to see which robot master hides behind each pony.

Their A.I. has been toned down and the number of shots in some cases as well. Still, their attacks (and thus the weapons you get) have been given an overhaul that varies between okay and well done. Though this reviewer doubts that fans would appreciate the pink pony turning into an icecream cone and dropping down with the sound of a 5-ton robot.

Some enemies and level tiles have been imported from other games. (Castlevania and Kirby) with a few originals stuck in. Sadly enough neither group really fits with the game. The explosive walking presents might, but not the grey horned goblins or the bats and toads and certainly not the creepy jumping pony head.

Final thoughts This hack is fun, but only if you do not set your expectations too high. The final boss is practically the same as MM3’s, but toned down slightly and the bosses in his fortress have preciously little to distinguish themselves. With a little more work it might turn into a good game.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Hack on a pony... What have we come to…diablo66605 Apr 20201.0Yes
I Don't Even Like Ponies!Mother Kojiro07 Dec 20171.0Yes
Fun, but unpolished. (v1.0)Sparkbomber14 Jan 2014N/AYes
Good enough gameplayLunaria05 Jan 2014N/AYes