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Pokémon - Battle Factory

Hack of Pokémon: Red Version


The Battle Factory…a place where battles test true skill.

In here, you battle with six random Pokémon. You choose three and battle with those chosen.

After you win a battle, you are given the opportunity to trade one of your rentals with one of the rentals of the trainer you just beat. With this you can slowly build up a good team. You battle in streaks of 7. After the 7th match you finish. However the amount of trades you do end up improving the power of the Pokémon. The more you trade, the more powerful you get.

Your opponents tactics are also revealed before you decide to swap so you can plan your team accordingly.

Needs either XDelta or xdelta UI to patch.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Pokemon - Red Version (USA_ Europe).gb - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 9F7FDD53
  • MD5: 3D45C1EE9ABD5738DF46D2BDDA8B57DC
  • SHA-1: EA9BCAE617FDF159B045185467AE58B2E4A48B9A
  • SHA-256: 5CA7BA01642A3B27B0CC0B5349B52792795B62D3ED977E98A09390659AF96B7B




User Review Information

Interesting hack

Reviewed By: Jeville on 31 Mar 2014

This review is for version 1.1.

This hack is based on Hoenn and Sinnoh’s Battle Frontiers that I don’t know anything about, so this hack was my first glimpse of it (never played a Pokémon game in those regions).

Well, I enjoyed this hack. My first and best streak is 35 and it took 2 hours, but that was without increasing emulation speed because I’m crazy (and I like animations turned on). It ended with a Muk single-handedly destroying my team. Nothing was wrong with it though; different team, different movesets. I also played too defensively when I shouldn’t, and it was too late when that Muk used several turns of Minimize. Here’s a tip if you didn’t know: Swift can never miss. If you are able to trade for a Haunter, Hypnosis and Dream Eater is a deadly combination. Mine dominated until my team had to change.

As for some criticism, it comes from vulnerable saving exploits. You are allowed to save the game every 7 battles, so save scumming to get yourself to the top is possible despite the hacker’s intention is to start over. You can also save scum to get a different selection of Pokémon to choose from the list to your liking. So what I’d do is to eliminate the ability to save. It is true that there are save states, but not on real hardware. This is the kind of hack to finish in one seating anyway.

Another thing is there not being anything else to do between battles. What could at least be done is to have NPCs (stationed at their computer) to give new dialogue; you can only interact with them every 7 battles anyway. If the next hack like this one will not be strictly bounded to the rules like what this hack is basing itself on, some tweaks to the rules can give it a fresh spin. One idea is to involve the coin case and have Pay Day as the only means for coins for optional item purchases, for example. It’d add an extra strategy in battles to occasionally sacrifice stronger attacks for some currency.

Anyway, I’m sure I will be replaying this hack every now and then and it’s always going to be different with randomized Pokémon. I will try to finish this without save scumming. My only regret is not having made any footage of it in my first go of it and there were many highlights, some of which I feel will not be replicated.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Very addictinguponelevel07 May 2014N/AYes
Interesting hackJeville31 Mar 2014N/AYes