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Rockman 5 YH

Hack of Mega Man 5


Here is a hack for Rockman 5 which changes the level layouts and adds a degree of difficulty to the game.

Be sure to patch only the Japan Rockman 5 rom!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Rockman 5 - Blues no Wana! (Japan).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 9D01E44C
  • MD5: 433E0032BE55A0EF23E7E67311977FE6
  • SHA-1: 0FC06CE52BBB65F6019E2FA3553A9C1FC60CC201
  • SHA-256: 7FE561F59280473D5A942BBA3F23309DEA412129BE28FC712DCED6F0A77367D6




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

One of the best Rockman 5 hacks out there

Reviewed By: Satoshi_Matrix on 04 May 2014

It seems that Rockman 1 and 2 are always getting hacks, so I’m excited whenever I see people hack 4, 5 and 6.

The original Rockman 5 is an incredibly easy game thanks to to the Super Mega Buster, which Capcom has even gone on record as intentionally making overpowered because they wanted a change of pace from Rockman 4.

In this hack, you can actually go as far as disabling it, making the gameplay similar to the first three games.

Like most hacks, the stage layouts here are more difficult, although not considerably so. This moderate bump in difficulty means this is playable on the original hardware without the crutch of savestates. You’ll probably die a few times until you learn the levels, but that’s par for course like any other Megaman game.

What’s exciting about this hack is the novel re-usage of many of the original game’s core ideas. For example, in Wave Man’s stage, there’s still an auto-scrolling jetski section, but the this entire section is mirrored so you’ll be traveling to the left instead of the right. This change makes for an entirely new feeling and it’s things like thia that make this hack stand out.

In addition, many of the minor enemies have new attack patterns, as do all of the robot masters. They aren’t as aggressive as some in hacks, but they aren’t push-overs like the original Rockman 5. I’d put them about equal with the bosses from the original versions of Rockman 4 and 6.

There is no new music or altered graphics here, but the robot master weapons are all new, and for the most part, much better than vanilla Rockman 5. For example, replacing the Gyro Attack is Gyro Blade, which behaves like the Metal Blade from Rockman 2, being able to be thrown in any direction. Even one of the best weapons from the original - Gravity Hold - has been replaced by an awesome new weapon called White Room, which acts like an offensive version of the Flash Stopper from Rockman 2.

Finally, there are small engine tweaks that fix small issues in the original Rockman 5 engine that most hacks wouldn’t bother to address, such as Megaman now being able to ride atop of the drills in Napalmman’s stage without falling off.

This is one of the better hacks out there, and highly recommended to vets of the underrated Megaman 5.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Worthy changesdiablo66603 Mar 20201.0Yes
Not too impressive, but still fun to play.RRThielNC07 Oct 2014N/AYes
One of the best Rockman 5 hacks out thereSatoshi_Matrix04 May 2014N/AYes
High difficultyHatZen0802 May 2014N/ANo