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Hack of Mega Man 3


This is a ROM hack of Capcom’s Mega Man III for the NES. All levels have been redesigned (including scrolling directions), a new title screen has been made, the color palettes have been changed, and some minor graphics have been edited. Other things are pretty much unchanged. The levels are harder than the ones in the original game. They’re designed to be hard enough to provide some challenge, but not so hard that the hack is not fun to play.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man III (U) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: 452D8089
  • MD5: 75B924155CAFEE335C9EA7A01BFC8EFB
  • SHA-1: 53197445E137E47A73FD4876B87E288ED0FED5C6
  • SHA-256: EDDBE571CF0A201BA9D090FBACE9843C9C9DD4053051649F2575B088752F4675




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User Review Information

Style isn't Necessary!!! (Play this hack!)

Reviewed By: TheLuigiLightning on 02 Dec 2014

This is an incredible Mega Man 3 hack!

This is the prime example of a great hack that doesn’t resort to ASM hacking. As far as I’m aware, there is no ASM hacking in this hack, but it uses whatever it can with its limited resources.

What a lot of people seem to forget is that ASM hacking isn’t needed. But what pisses me off even more is that apparently some people think it’s a free pass for absolutely atrocious level design!

I have never once found a good Castlevania 1 or Mega Man 1 ROM hack because no one seems to wrap this idea around their head.

When I played Rockman Claw, I was really excited because it said in the description about all the different custom things it put in the game, including AI, graphics, Sprites, music, levels, etc, and promised a completely new experience. Well… yeah, a really bad one! The level design was terrible.

This hack, however, just changes the levels and palettes, which is all I ever ask for in a level hack. It’s a more challenging version of the original Mega Man 3, and when I played through, it was the most fun I had in so long, after all the disappointments of CV1 and MM1 hacks I’ve played.

The level design is beautiful and works very well. He also put in enemies that normally didn’t appear in certain stages in those stages, which I thought was a nice touch. There were also parts in the game that required to make use of certain skills that you never did in the original MM3, such as using the level design to your advantage. It’s really cool that this hack does this.

My favourite stage was the Spark Man stage. Not only did he put beautiful palettes for it, but it was full of challenging jumps, and parts that you had to slide under spikes, and you had to be standing almost touching them in order to make them. I always love challenge, and I never felt like the hack was unfair. (Except in the Needle Man Doc Robot stage where you had to fly through with Rush. I have to admit THAT was frustrating and kind of unfair, but other than that, just about every part of this hack feels fair, and if you die, it’s your fault).

I absolutely love this hack! It’s amazing that this guy made such good use out of his limited resources (meaning no assembly hacking). To be honest, for the most part, I don’t really like it when people do things like changing the music or making custom sprites. I think custom sprites generally feel out of place, and when I’m playing a ROM hack, I want to feel psychologically that I’m playing the same game, and having the same music somehow retains that authenticity in my mind. Different music changes the feel by an incomprehensible amount, it’s ridiculous.

To me, THIS is a ROM hack. Level hacks to me are what actual ROM hacks are. Playing just about the same game, but with different level layout, and possibly a different palette. Doing other things is more than ROM hacking. When the sprites and music are different, it doesn’t even feel like you’re playing the same game any more.

I want to see more hacks like this, because this is incredible! Remember guys, flashy ASM is NEVER a quality gameplay supplement. Don’t even think that for a second!

Go play this hack right now!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Style isn't Necessary!!! (Play this hack!)TheLuigiLightning02 Dec 20141.0Yes