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Wario Land 2 editor

Level Editors


An editor for the game Wario Land 2.


  • Full level editing including placement of tiles, objects, and warps
  • Multiple viewing modes
  • Tile set editing
  • Palette editing
  • Editing of almost all graphics
  • Credits editing
  • Includes source code


User Review Information

Wario Land 2 - Begginers review

Reviewed By: NekoBaron on 04 Feb 2015

First of all I absolutely love the ‘Wario Land’ series especially the 2nd and 3rd game, so that should tell you why I have an interest in this tool.

Secondly I’m a graduate programmer and I’ve played around with a number of level editors for games but overall I have zero experience with rom hacking of any kind so I would consider myself a beginner to this.

The editor loads up and asks you to find the rom you want to edit, easy and simple and your straight into the editor and you get show a nice graphical view of the first level.

The Top section of the screen is where you can set parameters and find which tile you want to place and the main screen area shows the level your currently editing. Its quick and easy to find the tiles/objects you want but you have to keep in mind is finding the object set you want to use and you wont be picking from every tile in the game and are limited to a tile set (You can select different sets for each level though) and the objects per region are quite limited but this is a limit of the game itself.

You will need to spend some time learning about setting up regions and making sure to abide by the rules of one door per sector (The editor has an option to always show sectors so this is easy to understand) and setting up warp targets and link but the Editor has you covered by visualising the links and you can show them while editing the level at any time which is a big plus.

The level options let you change the tileset, music and even the level name/chapter very easily and even updates the level and chapter names in the level selection menu.

You wont be able to change things like the actual music itself, tilesets or objects, not even the level select map but this is overall a full working level editor and does the job well and with other tools you could completely do whatever you wanted.

Overall you wont be creating a full on level mashup with this editor but it is easy and simple to use and you’ll be making and playing your own levels in no time.

Version 1.03 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Wario Land 2 - Begginers reviewNekoBaron04 Feb 20151.03Yes