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Crystalis Rebalanced

Hack of Crystalis


A big problem with Crystalis is that in order to injure a boss you must be at a high enough level, which forces players to spend a lot of time grinding for experience. This patch removes the level check which allows players to finish the game at much lower levels than before. Some changes to spells and weapons have also been made to give players more viable options for defeating enemies.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Rom Name: Crystalis (U).nes
  • SHA1: FD0DCDE4F1708B30D5C3DE1E463F1DDE89C5CB64
  • MD5: 545D341A017CE84641EAF77511EFB458




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Red XOriginal Hacking

User Review Information

Worth a play if you love the game.

Reviewed By: Crysalim on 15 Apr 2015

The changes in this hack are subtle, but worth a playthrough especially if you’re a huge fan of Crystalis (can you tell that I am? My namesake came from somewhere after all..)

The highlights are the removed level restriction to kill enemies and bosses (you still need to use the right sword however!), automatic equip of balls for each sword (the level 2 attack - make sure you unequip bracelets for other swords to do this), and vastly decreased MP costs to use level 3 attacks for each sword. The latter is a boon and makes the sword bracelets actually worth using in this game.

I’d love to see some other changes in a Crystalis hack. I wonder if anyone will ever change the mass amount of typos in the translation? This is still worth a playthrough, and ti’s fun see how low level you can manage to beat the game - monsters can become extra difficult without the level requirement forcing you to increase your attack and defense before facing them.

Version Final Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Worth a play if you love the game.Crysalim15 Apr 2015FinalYes