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Chrono Trigger MSU-1

Hack of Chrono Trigger


This patch adds support for CD quality audio to Chrono Trigger using MSU-1 chip invented by byuu. So far, it is only supported and tested on BSNES, higan and the SD2SNES flashcart.

If the MSU-1 is not detected, the patch plays the original music, thus the patch works on all emulators (but it is less fun to listen to). Some alteration might happen when running on a emulator or flash cart that doesn’t support MSU-1.

Everything to build the audio pack is included in the patch but you have the buy Blake Robinson’s Chrono Symphony in FLAC format first, see README for more details.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Bank: HiROM
  • Country: USA
  • Interleaved: NO
  • Internal ROM Checksum: 0x788C
  • Game Revision: 1.0
  • ROM Size: 32 Megabytes
  • ROM Speed: 120ns (FastROM)
  • SRAM: YES, Internal, 64 Kilobytes
  • ---------------
  • Checksums
  • ---------------
  • Chrono Trigger (U) [!].sfc
  • Verified Good Dump
  • CRC32: 2D206BF7
  • MD5: A2BC447961E52FD2227BAED164F729DC
  • RIPEMD-160: C1DC528AA21D9E3F00E7571A98AF0BB4B6598564
  • SHA-1: DE5822F4F2F7A55ACB8926D4C0EAA63D5D989312
  • SHA-256: 06D1C2B06B716052C5596AAA0C2E5632A027FEE1A9A28439E509F813C30829A9




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
DarkShockHackingASM hacking & coding, music editing
Blake RobinsonMusicMusic reorchestration

User Review Information

Disruptive Dissonance

Reviewed By: obscurumlux01 on 09 Oct 2015

Chrono Trigger is hands down my favorite game of all time and in my humble opinion I believe it is one of the best Japanese-developed RPGs of all time. There’s a reason that this game is included in the ‘Holy Trinity’ of SNES RPGs that defined the 16-bit generation.

All that said, I was eagerly looking forward to playing this on my official console with an SD2SNES flashcart.

What my ears discovered with a disruptive dissoance of constantly-resetting audio tunes consistantly interrupted by (non-symphonic) standard battle music due to limitations in the current implementation of MSU-1.

You’d have a far better time just listening to the soundtrack seperately while playing the game.

The nail in the coffin for this in my eyes tends to be the limitation that it ONLY works with a specific person’s licensed cover rather than other fan-works or artists that have created music for Chrono Trigger.

More specifically, the Overclocked Remix Chrono Symphonic album is fantastic and free to boot. I’d like to be able to use that (or mix and match) but it is a no-go apparently with the current limitations of this hack and how MSU-1 works.

So if you want constantly-switching music interrupted by standard chiptune battle music or anytime you switch areas, then feel free. One issue I’ve always had with ’symphonic’ albums has been that they tend to start out INCREDIBLY quiet and then ramp up so loud that they hurt your ears. There’s little to no ‘audio normalization’ when it comes to stuff like that due to the nature of the ’symphonic’ genre.

More flexibility in choosing which covers we want to use would let us support the specific artists/songs that we enjoy per track rather than trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

You can shave off the corners as much as you like, even sand it down, but it won’t ever be as perfect of a fit to the original game as other covers (or the original music).

And if you’re gonna just SIT there just to listen to it then that kinda defeats the purpose of the music.

One notable standout would be the Ocean Palace & Black Omen which don’t use the standard battle music.

If this hack included a way for the battle music to be superseded by the already-playing music of the area (as in no battle music) like how Ocean Palace & Black Omen work, THEN this would be far more useful.

A minor nitpick but the hack is not compatible with any other hacks or retranslation hacks due to the nature of what was changed to accomodate the MSU-1.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Once again, new music is billed as an improvement when it obviously isn'tBlazeHeatnix01 Feb 20201.1No
24 bucks for better music...Thirteen 135518 Feb 20161.1No
Disruptive Dissonanceobscurumlux0109 Oct 20151.0No
Great twist to an old ClassicCael07 Oct 20151.0Yes
Chrono Trigger with glorious musicFluxrez26 Sep 20151.0Yes
The MSU-1 Hack That Got It Right.Chronosplit26 Sep 20151.0Yes