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    Update: this hack was 3 mistakes, all fixed. One of them Mario is killed in the first fortress of World 8 and you wouldn't continue with the game. The other was on the map of the World 3, with a mushroom house. The last one will facilitate your gameplay on the map of the World 3. Sorry for the problems!!!
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    V1.2: Fixed level selection.
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    Updated readme (removed mention of real hardware compatibility as the original patch already was compatible)
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    -Reverted the starting continues from 4 back to 3. -Goomba and Koopa heads are now pasted over Galsia and Donovan. -Inserted A.J. Nitro, Ridge Troopa and Yawackhary's names in the ending credits. -Inserted Dcat and Monfriez's names in the ending credits. -Lengthened Peach's Defense Special Animation by 8 frames. -Updated a few enemy palettes. -Edited which enemies appear in Survival Mode. -Peach's Pipe/Sword attack can now hit from behind. -Made modifications to enemy groups. -Changed Hakuyo to Garnet (as in Streets of Rage 2: Girls' Paradise). -Changed Electra's Jump Kick voice clip. -Changed Shiva to Karai from TMNT: Tournament Fighters (Genesis). -Edited the intro text. -The apple is now a pizza. -Changed Fog (Biker) to a Foot Soldier. -Can break out of back grabs at the press of attack. -Bowser now does an uppercut during his melee attack to make it work better as an anti-air. -Inserted block voice clip.

Batman Simplified

Hack of Batman: The Video Game


This is a level hack of the classic Batman game for the NES. Many of the hazards have been eliminated and paths to avoid enemies have been created. None of the enemy behaviors or locations have been changed.

This rom was created with the BatDance level editor.

This hack has also been tested and verified to work on the Everdrive N8 and plays great on original NES hardware!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Batman (U) [!].nes GoodROM
  • CRC32: 13C6617E




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Not Worth Your Time

Reviewed By: obscurumlux01 on 12 Oct 2015

The ‘Headline’ says it all. The rest of this is more for the author of the review rather than for the general public. I believe in constructive criticism rather than short useless blurbs.

That said, this hack really is useless.

The ’simplified’ level design not only completely neuters most of the game’s challenge but also renders most platforming and obstacles fairly pointless as well.

It completely destroys the risk/reward system of mastering the controls in the game (variable jumping, controlling jumps in midair, wall jumping mastery, etc) and absolutely destroys the sense of accomplishment for getting past these obstacles.

I wouldn’t have minded an extra (or larger) platform here and there, maybe extending an existing platform so you don’t have to be pixel-precise on certain jumps on Level 2.

But what we have here instead has gone too far in the opposite direction and with disastrous results. No toxic sludge in the toxic waste plant. No spikes in certain places; ceiling enemies walled off for no apparent reason.

There seems to be no unified rhythm or reason to this ’simplified’ level design. Amusing enemy glitches are funny but go to show that the author may not have even played through their own hack to do a quick bugtest of at least the first 3 levels or so. I get the game is difficult after that (though with this hack that might be a moot point) but even the most basic testing would’ve pointed out something like that.

New paths basically give you a shortcut to bypass most challenges. Why bother killing any enemies or going through hazards? Just take the easy way out! This is hardly worthy of the name ‘Batman’.

This hack hasn’t been worth it for me. It was not a TOTAL waste of time in my case only because it gave me an insight in how certain level design can hinder rather than help a game.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Not Worth Your Timeobscurumlux0112 Oct 20151.0No