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Frank Fnatnsy Remix

Hack of Final Fantasy


A remix of Frank Fnatnsy by Zalbag . Many improvements due to over playing the game. Almost everything has been tweaked.

  • 12 Classes
  • New weapons and armors
  • New magics
  • A new zone integrated with the story line with 2 super bosses that bring to shame Warmech and Chaos. Will you be able to steal their legendary treasures?
  • Many changes to the original maps
  • Fixed some text issues
  • Balanced classes and difficulty
  • And of course, everything that Zalbag already modified like graphics, storyline, maps, items, etc etc.

Version 2.0 is now up! Many many changes to make the game even better.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • CRC32 5c892f3b
  • MD5 D111FC7770E12F67474897AAAD834C0C
  • SHA-1 B0ED4E1573260187E31DA715CED28806EA4A81DA
  • SHA-256 F81377A42FCC13F916714AACD85C3713C01540D5983A029B60244F206437AF43
  • Final Fantasy (U) [!].nes




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
ZalbagOriginal Hacking
God KillerHacking

User Review Information

A little Ridiculous, But Worth Your Time

Reviewed By: magictrufflez on 25 Oct 2015

I had never played the regular Frank Fnatnsy hack, but from what I can tell from this hack, it was probably pretty good too.

The difficulty in this hack is very well balanced (with 1 late-game exception), and the additional material between the original hack and this remix is amazing and adds a lot to FF1. There are things to do EVERYWHERE, and I really liked that the original FF world didn’t feel so empty in this hack

A few problems I found with the hack were the lack of hints at where to go next and the very late game gauntlet you have to face before the final boss. While a lot of the game does give you some hints at where to go, there are parts of this game I was completely lost, and got stuck for a few days. There is also a final gauntlet of fights before the final battle that I thought was totally unneeded and just made the last leg of this great hack into too much of a slog for my taste.

If you’re patient, don’t like much hand-holding, like FF1, and want some high-quality balanced difficulty, try this hack out, you won’t be disappointed.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A little Ridiculous, But Worth Your Timemagictrufflez25 Oct 20151.0Yes