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Final Fantasy IV

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Final Fantasy IV is a role playing game for the Super Nintendo.

Translation Description:

Final Fantasy IV - J2Evisceration

This patch is intended to replace “Cosmetic Changes 2″ as an addendum to the J2e patch. It is based on Joel Smith’s “Cosmetic Changes” addendum to the J2e script, with Joel Smith’s express permission.

It removes the swearing from the game script, corrects several translation errors, removes non-canonical lines from the script, and changes the font and spell names back to their SNES counterparts.

It should be applied to a Japanese copy of Final Fantasy IV.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • ROM NAME: Final Fantasy IV (Japan).sfc
  • SIZE: 1048576 bytes (1 MB)
  • CRC32: 21027C5D
  • MD5: 5CDC56BA9F5F23E412AF09F11ED47F83
  • SHA-1: 7502ED13FE969B294AAB9EA3600DD8341713CD03


Screenshots: Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
SpooniestScript Editing/RevisionAuthor of FF4 - J2Evisceration
Joelsmith380Original HackingAuthor of FF4 - Cosmetic Changes
AnusPOriginal HackingJ2e Translations
Blasted2Original HackingJ2e Translations
necrosaroOriginal HackingJ2e Translations
Dark ForceOriginal HackingJ2e Translations
P-FunkOriginal HackingJ2e Translations
TrainspotterScript Editing/RevisionJ2e Translations
Ian KelleyScript Editing/RevisionJ2e Translations
RydiaOriginal TranslationJ2e Translations
UnaFarmerOriginal TranslationJ2e Translations

User Review Information

De-cringes the original J2E translation

Reviewed By: DrDimension on 06 Apr 2016

Multiple times I nearly stopped playing the original FF4 re-translation due to its cringe-inducing and painfully juvenile translation, as well as the unjustified ‘artistic’ license it took with the original Japanese script.

This patch fixes these issues, and does nearly what the original hack should have - restore the play experience as intended by the original development team.

However, I must mention some ugly bits remain - particularly the syntactically absurd usage of !!Punctuation!, truly distracting -sob-, -sob- emotive syntax, the overuse… of ellipses… in many… places…!, some remaining ALL CAPS nonsense, embarrassingly cliched and awkward phrasing, and so on. Also, the replacement of out-of-character cursing didn’t always go well - now when Cecil addresses Kain as a ’son of a dog!’ rather than a ’son of a bitch!’. Instances of these changes turn out to be rather lazy, and often not as much improved as they should have been.

More generally, I think the far better approach would have been to insert the original US translation into the Japanese FF4 - the minor precision issues and presence of subtle censorship is more than made up by its absolutely essential high level of polish.

That being said, with this patch, you can now throw your old FF4 translated rom away, and replace it with this one.

(With apologies to the original J2E team - y’all screwed up some things, but you also did ground breaking work that shaped the rom hacking scene today, for which we are all grateful.)

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Big Problem With This OneThe_KJB27 Sep 20191.0No
De-cringes the original J2E translationDrDimension06 Apr 20161.0Yes