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    I changed the other recovery penalty that never got changed, I also fixed up Steve Austin's CPU & moveset a bit as well.
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    Fixed checksum.
  • Hacks
    I changed the other recovery penalty that never got changed, I also fixed up Steve Austin's CPU & moveset a bit as well.
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    Removed Alternate Title. The title is already read "Captain Rainbow", even if its romanized its still officially read as "Captain Rainbow". Besides reading romanizations is kinda weeaboo cringe level.

Super C - Hell Hack

Hack of Super C


Here is a Rom hack which alters some of the levels to make it more difficult overall. The hack throws a lot more enemies at you, has some palette & graphical changes, no weapon loss when you die, and you can move a little faster than normal. Be warned, this is a very difficult hack.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super C (KC).nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: 43F33525
  • MD5: 1498E3E0363FAF7DA58EA303E5FAA210
  • SHA-1: 69F0C1B93970929F3F89060381B8915B0558A4C0




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Definitely Harder, But Not Necessarily Fun

Reviewed By: FreightMan71 on 27 Apr 2016

Hey, I am all for a good challenge.

In fact, I was prompted to try this out because I was tooling around with standard Contra and Super C and because I have played those games so often, the usual brutal difficulty didn’t seem so bad.

So, in I go looking for a difficulty mod of Super C (after trying out the excellent Revenge of Red Falcon for the standard Contra), I find this to be the only one for Super C…..but unfortunately, while it IS, like the author says, hard, it simply isn’t very fun.

The game does throw many more enemies at you (this isn’t a bad thing), but the levels just seem to have a plethora of pitfalls, which by themselves wouldn’t be so bad, but they are often placed in areas where you HAVE to make jumps to avoid enemies coming either from behind you, or in areas where you going, has enemy fire RIGHT in the spot you need to land on.

Not to mention the respawns. Lose a guy? Ok… one drops down….errr, right into a pit. Ok, can sorta control where he is going to land as he falls from the respawn stash…..just hope you don’t land somewhere where, again, enemies or enemy fire are awaiting for ya….

You can always avoid those enemies by umm, falling into that NEXT pit though….. See where I am going with this? More aggravating than challenging really.

The author also messed with the jumping physics and running speed of your character. Those aren’t necessarily bad things, mind you. Your guy running faster and jumping HIGHER and FURTHER? Cool!

Except, for veterans, there is an adjustment period to it. Jumps you can normally calculate and account for are off because of the extra speed and jump height.

Again, not necessarily a bad thing, but when combined with the aforementioned ‘cheap landing areas’ and many pitfalls, it becomes more an exercise in patience and frustration rather than good solid gaming challenge.

Some good ideas here (speeding up your characters walk and jump speed and height, and the extra multitudes of aliens you get to shoot down) offset by some very questionable level design.

Sure, perhaps a good player can adjust to the combination fuzzy level design and physics, but really, why would you want to?

You play a game like this to be legitimately challenged, to push your Contra gaming skills…..and you find the game simply challenges your patience with cheap level design/enemy placement/unfair respawns, and THAT is what is making the game hard, rather than consistent gameplay.

I can’t really recommend this based on the fun factor not being as high as it could have been.

Revenge of Red Falcon remains as the best overall Contra NES hack I’ve played.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Why the cowboy sprite?JulianoFdeS28 Jul 20161.0Yes
Definitely Harder, But Not Necessarily FunFreightMan7127 Apr 20161.0No