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Tales of Phantasia

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Tales of Phantasia is an action role playing game for the Super Nintendo.

Translation Description:

This is just a simple patch for the wonderful fandub by Topping Translations, linked here:

The original patch required an interleaved ROM, which has seriously fallen out of use in the past decade and a half. The ROM you needed is now very hard to find (and hard to convert, too). No longer! This new patch will work with your usual run-of-the-mill Tales of Phantasia ROM.

For simplicity, this patch also includes the DeJap patch version 1.2 (with lower-case 8×8 font).

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Use an original Tales of Phantasia ROM with CRC checksum E9946B84 (no header). No pre-patched ROMs are necessary.


Screenshots: Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Spinner 8HackingUpdated compatibility with non-interleaved ROMs.

User Review Information

Bad sound clipping and awkward dialogue in some parts

Reviewed By: Real_Character on 07 Jan 2017

This is an all-in-one review for the previous patches, which this patch includes. This is a nice curiosity if you just want to see it, but it’s very flawed, so I wouldn’t recommend it. There is horrible clipping in some of the dubbed sound samples from Topping Translations, such as when Mint says “first aid”. I’m not sure if that is absent in real hardware but I am doubting it, since the unpatched game does not suffer from that. About the DeJap translation, while all the technical text work looks great, it’s tainted by some very goofy dialogue trying to sound vulgar, in some parts, such as when Arche allegedly ‘fucks like a tiger’. Because of that, the translated dialogue looks outdated, like something of another ROM translation era. Also, if we go by the official English release on GBA, some of the names are wrong. For example, it’s Cress Albane, not Cless Alvein. And I never played the GBA version to the end but either way, the winter town’s name should be something like Frieskiel, not Freezekill.

It’s a shame, but if somebody came back and fixed the sound clipping and replaced the text with the GBA’s, this would be the definitive version, because the GBA version lacks the sound and the airy, romantic color palette of this version. And the PS1 translation, while objectively the better version of the game, also has mismatched names, the sprites are too big and dumpy (imo), it contains jittery 3d graphics of the era, and has no English dub option.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Bad sound clipping and awkward dialogue in some partsReal_Character07 Jan 20171.0No