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Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Radical Dreamers is a visual novel set in the Chrono Trigger universe. It is a pseudo-sequel to Chrono Trigger itself, and is commonly referred to as the game that inspired Chrono Cross. This is true to a very great extent, but if you’re expecting Chrono Cross on the SNES or anything even vaguely similar to it, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

RD plays very much like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. Text is displayed for a while, and eventually you will be prompted to make a choice based on the text. You navigate the mansion that way, you fight battles that way, and in fact, you do everything that way.

At the core of any novel - whether it’s pushed as a paperback or hardcover book, a PDF file on some website, or a game like this one - is its story and its writing.

Translation Description:

The patching program you need to use is a special program made by Demi that inserts the translated script into the game. Unzip CABBAGE.EXE and SCRIPT.DAT into the same directory as your rom. You can either rename your rom to RAD-J.SMC and double-click CABBAGE.EXE, or you if you know your DOS, just type CABBAGE ROMNAME.SMC at the command prompt. Naturally, type in the actual name of the rom, please. This patch will work on all versions of Radical Dreamers, including the 1MB rom that crashes when you run it unpatched in emulators. In that case, CABBAGE.EXE will automatically fix the rom for you so you can play it on emulators. Yays!

One thing to note: after patching the game, when the save menu thing comes up, pick any of the numbered options, press A, then press start to begin the game.

Demi’s work is second to none. The writing is excellent and everything is translated. Happy reading! This new version 1.2 fixes some text errors and adds a new title screen, thanks to FuSoYa’s graphic decompressing thing.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Radical Dreamers - Nusume Nai Houseki (Japan) (BS).smc
  • CRC32: 660B8CC4
  • MD5: 5D1C642C23D0BB113ACE249A586F0689
  • SHA1: A4FF257E0CA71A60A7D76EA49B0DBAB770268A5F


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
DemiProductionHacking & Translation
Loek van KootenTranslation
DisnesquickOriginal HackingDumped the font which originally got Demi interested in working on the game!
MadokaHackingHe figured out how to dump a Satellaview game into a ROM & hack the game so that it uses its own
CStrifeHackingCoded an updated script decompressor.
Radical RHackingFor updating the source code to include the changes that his patch did.
Dreamer_NomHackingFor posting information about the changes for ASM code that allows saving & various of other thi

User Review Information

A strange but intriguing side story

Reviewed By: Ballz on 16 Jan 2017

It’s been years since I last played Chrono Trigger – and I’ve never played Chrono Cross – but I was strangely compelled to give this semi-sequel a try.

As you might already know, this game was originally released on the Japanese-exclusive Satellaview service and is presented like a visual novel; minimal graphics, and tons of text that read more like a Choose-Your-Own Adventure. Recent advancements with emulators and flash drives such as the sd2snes have attempted to recreate the full Satellaview interface for any of its corresponding games, but since this translation was done in the early 2000’s, Demiforce opted to remove any functionality to that service, and it instead loads up like a regular SNES game.

The translation itself is very well written, which is a must for a game that is almost entirely text-based. The main characters of Serge, Kid, and Magil each have their own distinct way of speaking which makes it easy to follow dialogue between them. Kid in particular sports a cockney British accent, which to my understanding is similar to how she spoke in Chrono Cross.

How accurate the localization is, is for me a bit of a question mark. Demi is known to get a bit cheeky with some of his translations, and I wonder how much of that affected this particular project. For example, the text speed menu is done in a sarcastic faux-French manner for no other reason than I imagine Demi wanted to spice it up a little. Maybe the original Japanese had a similar tongue-in-cheek approach. It just seems like a random and odd choice.

Fortunately, most of the actual in-game text flows smoothly. After a few minutes of getting acclimated to the kind of game this is, I found myself completely enraptured by the story and its characters in particular.

How the game itself relates back to Chrono Trigger is a bit interesting. The main quest at first seems to have very little to do with the original game. Yeah, Magil just screams “Magus,” but without knowing the storyline to Chrono Cross, I found myself wondering how Kid and Serge connected with Chrono Trigger… until near the very end with some surprising details. How different this is with Chrono Cross, I can’t say, but if nothing else it actually has stirred some interest in me tracking down a copy of that old PS1 game…

The game itself is not particularly long or challenging, and you should be able to beat it in under three hours. The replay factor is strong, however, as after the end credits roll you are presented with a screen revealing you have only finished the first of seven different scenarios. Start a new game and you’ll quickly discover different choices and paths to take, with new storylines that are at times in complete contradiction to the original playthrough. I haven’t completed them all, but the ones I have finished tend to be a bit shorter than the original questline, and can typically be finished in an hour or less. Here’s where some of the game’s sillier elements are on full display.

Demi, again, being Demi, even snuck a couple of hidden easter eggs in the game, such as a sound test menu that in itself can lead to another easter egg involving the translation “classic” Zerowing.

Overall, the game feels a little half-baked… like it’s not quite sure what it means to be. However, if you’re a fan of the Chrono Trigger series, definitely give this game a try. You’ll get a nice nostalgia kick, and it may leave you wanting more, whether it’s a revisit back to the original Chrono Trigger or continuing the adventures of Serge and Kid in Chrono Cross.

Version 1.4 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A great visual novel, from between Chrono Trigger & Chrono Crossyetisyny17 Oct 20181.4Yes
A strange but intriguing side storyBallz16 Jan 20171.4Yes