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Metroid - Rogue Dawn

Hack of Metroid


(Updated to Version 1.21 - See “readme” for change log)

Metroid: Rogue Dawn is an unofficial prequel to the original Metroid game released in 1986. 30 years later, we bring you the events that unfolded before Samus’s famous “zero” mission on planet Zebes.

The original Metroid manual tells us about a deep-space research ship that was attacked. The Space Pirates seized a capsule said to contain a previously unknown life form in a state of suspended animation. Rogue Dawn surrounds these events that led up to the theft of the capsule, which ultimately placed the Metroids under the control of Ridley and the Mother Brain. The mission to acquire the capsule was placed in the hands of one of Ridley’s best-kept secrets: a rogue human agent, trained and manipulated by Ridley from a young age…

Taken as a child from a Galactic Federation colony obliterated by Ridley’s faction, she was initially just another test subject slated to undergo horrific experiments. Ridley decided to instead manipulate and mold her into a weapon, his first human servant and dark agent. Primed yet untested, she is sent out on her own “zero” mission. She will retrieve a newly-discovered biological specimen in the possession of a Federation research crew orbiting planet SR388 and prove her worth.

Her name is Dawn Aran.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Metroid (USA).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: A2C89CB9
  • MD5: D77C8053168DA14B360BF5CAECCC5964
  • SHA-1: ECF39EC5A33E6A6F832F03E8FFC61C5D53F4F90B
  • SHA-256: E6E6B7014685ADAE447EBB3833242815747BC1E5DF83ADE79F693FB67CF565B6




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
GrimlockProductionProject Lead, Graphics, Level Design, Project Concept
snarfblamHackingASM Programing, Game Editor Development, & Additional Graphics
OptomonHackingCustom Sound Engine Modifications, Sound Effects, and Track Development
ParasyteHackingAdditional Programming
Kenta KurodaniHackingAdditional Programming
DemickXIIGraphicsAdditional Graphics
M-TeeGraphicsHive Easter Egg Characters
MrRichard999GraphicsProvided extracted font from Shadow Brain

User Review Information

Epicly Epic! (May contain spoilers)

Reviewed By: SacredHooves on 23 Jan 2017

In 1986 a humble but familiar name that runs the tip of every tongue today made a game. This game is now infamous for making fans both excited and heated at the same time. I of course can only be talking about Samus Aran’s introduction to the NES Library of awesome games: Metroid. Several years later in 2016 a new game spawns from said Metroid: a completely new game designed to test the limits of the NES’s capabilities and boundaries. This ladies and gents: its Metroid Rouge Dawn!

Graphics: It’s 8bit, but it feels so fresh and welcoming. There is a lot to take in from the effects of Kraid’s area to the new age look of Ridley’s area. From start to finish you feel just the way you should; stranded, lost, amazed, confused, and full of energy for this new world. Not one instant does it feel stale, or old because of it’s 8bit look. Instead you feel refreshed to see such an old classic take to new heights.

Gameplay: Get excited for in your face action! Rouge Dawn enhances the “Hide and Seek” aspect of the item hunt, but limits the backtracking to almost nothing. You’ll find everything you need in due time, and never have a real moment of confusion after acquiring your first few pickups. You start with; Long Beam, Morph Ball, and within 20 seconds gain your Missile function. By far the best two items to be brought into this hack are Spring Ball and Wall Jump.

Spring Ball allows you to jump while morphed and mid air morph with the added function of increased velocity while dropping down. Wall Jump may sound gimmicky, but it works amazingly! If you have played Super Metroid; you know how to use Wall Jump, and it’s so easy.

Progression: As previously stated progression is the name of the game, but how does it play out? Perfectly to be quiet honest! You never have a moment of feeling in need because when you find something you need it then and there for that moment. Each item that was in Metroid returns; Ice, Wave, Bombs, Screw Attack, Varia, E-tanks, Missles, and Hi-jump are all accounted for. Each one unlocks a new piece of the puzzle maze that is Rouge Dawn’s story and gameplay.

Secrets/Completionist taunts: Oh boy! When it comes to finding hidden goodies and special rewards for doing so: Rouge Dawn has you covered. There are a lot of hidden throw backs/cameos thrown into Rouge Dawn that are both remarkable and for kicks to boot. If you can turn your inner Completionist on: you can find most of these your first time through an area. It may be a pack of missles, or an E-tank you wanted to get to but didnt know how!

Closing: In short: is Metroid Rouge Dawn worth playing? Oh yes with a side of extra YES! Take it from me personally; as a Beta Tester for Rouge Dawn. It has not only; delivered in Beta, Wowed the community in release, but will continue to wow us for years to come within the casual and speedrunning communities alike. If you haven’t played Rouge Dawn yet, and are staring at this review I have one question?

Why aren’t you playing Rouge Dawn right now?

Version 1.10 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
In the running for "Best NES game"Burningtrash4heat08 Feb 20201.21Yes
Past and present meet with a bang...jm10288705 Feb 20201.21Yes
So Much Love and Dedication Went Into This ModMorinis03 Feb 20201.21Yes
This is Professional Work, Folksfiredropdl16 Nov 20181.21Yes
A very good hackscipion303 May 20181.21Yes
You're not one of the good guys, Aranvivify9315 Nov 20171.21Yes
Modest and Confidentrainponcho30 Mar 20171.21Yes
Simply Exceptional! [No Spoilers]lexluthermiester24 Jan 20171.10Yes
Epicly Epic! (May contain spoilers)SacredHooves23 Jan 20171.10Yes
A Masterpiece!Sephirous22 Jan 20171.10Yes
Sets a new standard for NEStroid.kagerato21 Jan 20171.10Yes
Excellentliraman17 Jan 20171.10Yes
Incredible8-bitBishop15 Jan 20171.10Yes