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Tales of Phantasia


Game Description:

Most people walked away from the SNES Tales of Phantasia thinking it a great, but somewhat flawed, game. This Playstation ground-up remake has improved graphics and music, as well as an updated Tales of Destiny battle engine. And it has anime at the beginning which is very pretty!

Translation Description:

Translation and hacking are 100% done, and the game runs fine on real hardware and emulators.

The translation features DTE, variable dictionary, a two splash screen intro (project logo+anti-ebay/emule piracy), and a nomenclature selector for ability names (romanized vs translated). Also added subtitles for skits and the spoken prologue.

Here is a readme in PDF format -

ROM / ISO Information:

  • SLPM860232


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
GeminiHackingHacker and programmer

User Review Information

Those blasted dungeons!!

Reviewed By: Garoth Moulinoski on 27 Oct 2009

I had never played Tales of Phantasia before playing this version of it, so I can’t make comparisons to any other translation. That said, this patch at least is a lot cleaner than the SNES translation, what with not including any “spice” words to “spice” up the translation.

Gemini and company did really well with this hack and most of the problems come from the game itself, not from the hack. Heck, this hack does something that is rather amazing: If you’re one of those people that loves seeing Japanese terms in their English this hack is for you… HOWEVER, if you do not like that, and wish to see the Japanese fully translated, this hack also does that. Each time you start the game up, you have to pick which one to use.

The translation itself, like I said before, does not include any really foul words (maybe one or two here or there, but nothing like the F-bomb for no reason). I remember it reading well enough although I think there were missing words sometimes, but never enough to impact one’s enjoyment.

The problems with this game actually come about from the game itself. It expects you to level grind a lot with those pseudo-fighting game random battles. If this were Dragon Quest, where level grinding was a simple matter of tapping the confirm button a few times, this wouldn’t be too bad. This game, however, has battles that resemble more restrictive Zelda II battles. You can still issue commands and stuff like that, but you also have to move towards the enemy and mash buttons to kill it. Well, you do have the ability to make your character semi-auto, where it runs towards the enemy, hits it, and then runs back; but I found that setting to impair my chances of winning battles so I switched it to manual.

My other beef with this game were the dungeons. Heck, those dungeons were so bad, it made the headline of this review. Those dungeons aren’t just infested with monsters, they’re also long and sometimes boring. Imagine doing through the final dungeon of, say, Final Fantasy VII (hopefully I’m using an example most people are familiar with). That final dungeon was kinda long, right? Compared to ToP’s dungeons, however, that dungeon wasn’t just short… It’s like comparing an ant to an elephant! That’s how long ToP’s dungeons are.

Despite those negative comments, this game is not as bad as I’m making it out to be. I do, however, recommend cheating in this game (although many people have played this game without cheating and have enjoyed it). If anything, try to at least have 3x experience gain or something.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Those blasted dungeons!!Garoth Moulinoski27 Oct 2009N/AYes