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Castlevania: Chorus of Mysteries

Hack of Castlevania


This is a hack of the original Castlevania for NES that optomon and I have been working on for over a year. Optomon has done all the coding, music, and some level design, and I’ve done all the graphics, some level design, and the map. So what’s changed?

  • New GFX
  • New levels
  • New level paths
  • New map
  • New sub-weapon
  • New music
  • Music on the title screen
  • New enemies
  • New bosses


1476, Romania. A terrifying castle rises up from the mist. Along with the castle rose a dark powerful being named Count Dracula Vlad Tepes. A man named Trevor Belmont was fated to defeat the powerful vampire, aided by a witch named Sypha, Dracula’s own son Alucard, and a pirate named Grant DeNasty. Together the team traversed the dark halls of Castlevania, defeating the count and his countless minions.

In 1777 a young child was born, and abandoned on a merchant ship with nothing but a headband with a mysterious crest, and the name Armund. The sailors raised the child on the high seas, and taught him the ways of being a sailor. Armund grew to be one of the greatest men that the merchant ship ever saw.

Late 1797, word started to spread of the legends of Count Dracula, and his tyranny in the land of Romania. It was about that time, that Armund ran into an old Romanian man in Serbia. The old man knew a lot about the history of Count Dracula, and his reign of terror in Romania. The old man recognized the crest on Armund’s bandanna, and told him that it belonged to the DeNasty clan, and that his ancestor helped defeat Dracula. Armund decided to leave his life on the high seas to seek out more answers about his ancestry.

Romania, 1800. It’s been 3 years since Alucard defeated his father in battle and has gone into eternal slumber. Armund’s search has taken him to the mountains of Romania, not far from the town of Jova. A mysterious letter hinted that he might be able to find answers in the castle of Count Olrox, a servant of Count Dracula’s. Armund set out of Olrox’s castle, armed only with an enchanted barbed rope from Serbia. This will truly be the greatest and most arduous adventure of Armund DeNasty’s life.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Castlevania (U) (PRG1) [!].nes (GoodNES 3.23b)
  • PRE-PATCH CRC32: 856114C8




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
OptomonHackingGraphics, programming
Dr. MarioHackingGraphics

User Review Information

Total Overhaul

Reviewed By: Mother Kojiro on 10 Nov 2017

The first hack that ever really blew my mind was Dragoon X Omega; most hacks I’d played before that just threw in some male genitalia and/or drug references, but that was a complete hack that changed the graphics in their entirety, the music (which I’d never seen before), and even had an entirely new story. Chorus of Mysteries reminds me of that, because it does all of that, and even changes the gameplay a bit with new enemy behavior and a new subweapon. Clearly, a lot of time was put into this hack, and I’m already a big fan of Optomon’s work, so I gave this a go, and it’s pretty solid. A remake of anything, whether it be a movie, a song, or a video game, should strive to surpass the original, and I’d say that in certain aspects, this achieves that. The graphics are an obvious improvement; some are used from Symphony of the Night (and impressively downscaled, I might add), and others are completely original. The dark aesthetic makes new levels look pretty neat, but the one that stands head and shoulders above them all is the chessboard that is prominently featured here. The new subweapon isn’t bad, either; it’s not something I used often, but it’s at least less useless than that stopwatch from the original.

Chorus of Mysteries is not without its drawbacks, but they’re pretty minor. The level design isn’t as tight as the original game, but it’s not bad by any means. I can tell that the story had some effort put into it, and it was neat that the ending addressed it, but I just wasn’t feeling it; the ending text seemed a little disjointed, too, making it hard to follow. I also wasn’t a fan of the music; I’m not totally in love with the original Castlevania’s music (aside from Heart of Fire), but this sounded a bit tinny, and more like something you might hear at a party at some snooty aristocratic castle. I suppose it’d almost feel at home in a hack of the original Final Fantasy, but it brings neither action nor foreboding here, so it doesn’t quite fit. The flaws don’t outweigh its strong points, though, so I’d definitely recommend this one!

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
AWESOMEVanDam19 Apr 20201.1Yes
Great HackRomerPlayer22 Feb 20191.1Yes
Not My Cup Of Tea But Worth A TryEldrethor29 Dec 20181.1Yes
Total OverhaulMother Kojiro10 Nov 20171.1Yes
This isn't a hack....onepiecefan200716 Aug 20181.1Yes
Could be a great sequel to Castlevania back in the daybogaabogaa05 Aug 20171.1Yes
A Well Made Hack Plagued By One FlawMegafield6419 May 20151.1Yes
Trying to do Way too MuchTheLuigiLightning02 Sep 20151.1No
ChallengingKlaviaturist07 Feb 2011N/AYes
Epic HackMathUser292907 May 2008N/AYes