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Legend of Mana - Combat Redux

Hack of Legend of Mana


This patch alters a few aspects of Legend of Mana’s battle system in an attempt to make the game more difficult.

Key Features:

  • Enemies can no longer hitstunned by quick attacks.
  • Plunge attack damage is based on a multiplier that’s increased by doing quick attacks, and will not do damage when used on their own.
  • The player moves slower.
  • Enemies and companions move substantially faster than before.
  • Enemies do more damage.
  • Game Overs occur as soon as the player dies, regardless of whether their companions/pets/golems are still alive or not.

Note: Due to the nature of these changes, the patch is intended to be used only with single player, on the default in-game difficulty setting.

Now includes a separate “Arrange Mode” patch, in which enemies do more damage, but the player cannot be hitstunned.

Additionally, includes two other patch variants. One has simplified quick attack multipliers, and one only changes the player movement and hitstun behavior.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • SLUS: SLUS-01013
  • Legend Of Mana (U) (NTSC) [SLUS-01013]




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User Review Information

So close to being good.

Reviewed By: Jhey on 25 Mar 2018

The patch that only affects movement speed and stunlocking doesn’t allow you to build meter so I couldn’t give that one a fair try.

So, this review is for the “standard” patch.

So in terms of damage, the hack feels on point. Stronger weapons feel powerful and all manner of enemies feel threatening. Bosses are downright intimidating.

The main issue is damage mitigation which is down right impossible at times. Most of the time, I found the only way to deal damage was to just trade blows with enemies. This would be fine, except enemies can still stunlock the you. This is a huge problem in areas like Lake Kilma where you are just going to be sitting there getting constantly stunned while you can literally do nothing to counter.

Now, there are a lot of abilities that can help you work around this. But unfortunately, this game kind of expects you to run around trying different abilities combos until you unlock them all.

Also, the nerfing to lunging attacks is way severe. You are going to be using them A LOT as a means of crowd control and them not dealing any damage is just brutal.

Right now this hacks just seems way in the enemies favor.

I feel like lunging attacks should deal some damage. Being able to stunlock enemies needs to be reintroduced.

Version 1.2 Recommended - No

User Reviews
So close to being good.Jhey25 Mar 20181.2No
A must for anyone playing this game--for the first or the hundredth timemagictrufflez10 Jul 20161.2Yes