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Final Fantasy III

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Final Fantasy III is a role playing game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Translation Description:

This is a wonderful, well-done, professional translation. The only problem I have with it is.. Ah hell, I’m just kidding, I just can’t think of things to say here. It’s really great, let’s just leave it at that.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy III (J) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: 170163F1
  • MD5: 4E9BDCDD1071FF48638A3AA0FDA325FC
  • SHA-1: C4443FC24625E3C2BB859525EB44B6B3A80E7C35


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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Alex W. JacksonHackingTranslation
Neill CorlettHacking

User Review Information

Still the Best English Version of FFIII

Reviewed By: Chicken Knife on 12 Aug 2018

Over the course of much time and many replays, Final Fantasy III for the Famicom has become one of my very favorite games. I’m happy to say that this translation is simply the best way to play it. FFIII generally doesn’t get that kind of warm reception outside of Japan, mainly because it wasn’t released here when it should have been. When we finally did play it, the game either felt too primitive in its original form or too awkward with its tacked on contemporary elements in the DS remake & its ports. While I struggled with both of those issues, I was eventually able to come to appreciate the game within its historical context–as a hugely innovative RPG for its day and a deeply satisfying game overall if you play it the right way (more on that later). The first key to enjoying this game is sticking to the original release and using this translation.

The three translators involved with this project did an admirable job. This script is not a masterpiece of literature–there are rare lines that come across as a bit cryptic or awkward–but I would say that they did just as good of a job as many of the actual English localizations of the era. Not having to deal with the presence of NOA imposed censorship is always a blessing. It would be nice to have someone work on an addendum updating spell names to the more modern format. Chaos Rush recently made an attempt at modernizing these elements along with a redone and expanded script. However, that project seems to have concluded with a few critical bugs that have gone unresolved, leaving this version as the still reigning champ among FFIII translations.

That really concludes my review of this translation, but I want to throw out a few ideas on how this game could be improved in the way that many of the other Final Fantasy games have been. (FF Restored, Namingway Edition, FF6 Relocalization or Ted Woosley Uncensored Edition, etc)

First, running from enemy encounters in this game generally proves fatal due to a bug that reduces your character’s defense score to zero. Thankfully, Maeson has included a separate patch in his version that fixes this bug. I’m not a fan of his attempt to re-balance the game but I highly recommend downloading his work for the bug fix!

Second, changes to a character’s row in battle do not reset after the battle concludes as they should. This is a huge quality of life issue. I can’t count how many times I switched the rows of my four characters after being attacked from behind and then proceeded to start the next battle with my formation reversed.

Third, I’d love to see someone fix the bug where rods don’t power up corresponding elemental magic. The game actually tells you that they do this when you equip them and it still doesn’t work. Black mages tend to be a little on the weak side in this game so it would be a valuable boost to their damage output.

Last, and probably most controversially, the game lets you do some things with your equipment that just don’t fit the Sakaguchi era of the FF series and I strongly believe that FFIII would feel more balanced and less messy if these issues were resolved. It could be argued that FFII let you do all these things but that game is mechanically a disaster and most of the time I pretend it doesn’t exist. I’m thinking about FFIII in the context of I, IV, V and VI.

First of all, Wizards shouldn’t be dual wielding staves and rods. It’s just silly. Fighters, Knights, M. Knights, Dragoons, Vikings, Red Wizards and others shouldn’t be dual wielding either. Their equivalent classes could not in FFI and IV, and only could in V and VI with special accommodations. Contrary to what a lot of people (wrongly) say about the FF series, the early games did stick to traditions more often than not. The only classes I would allow to dual wield in their current state would be Monk, Karateka, Thief and Ninja. I’ve moved away from playing with these heavy armor fighter types dual wielding because I always found it sloppy design to have a Knight who is a glass cannon, consistently out-damaging your Monk/Karateka but getting killed in a couple hits. Furthermore, around the time you pick up defenders and dark swords, the dual wield damage output becomes ridiculous enough that you can one shot the majority of late game enemies. Without dual wielding, these melee classes still feel like solid and balanced party members. It’s wonderful to see the Knight actually doing his intended job defending other characters instead of being the first to die. Other benefits of this approach are Monks and Thieves that feel like viable party members, as well as black magic becoming a less underwhelming means of attack. I think a little loss of freedom is a worthwhile exchange for a better game design and overall experience for the average player.

Thank you for hearing out my long winded ramblings. Fingers crossed that some talented hacker comes along and adopts this game, giving it the version it truly deserves.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Still the Best English Version of FFIIIChicken Knife12 Aug 20181.1Yes
Awesome job!vince9427 Apr 2013N/AYes