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Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Radical Dreamers is a visual novel set in the Chrono Trigger universe. It is a pseudo-sequel to Chrono Trigger itself, and is commonly referred to as the game that inspired Chrono Cross. This is true to a very great extent, but if you’re expecting Chrono Cross on the SNES or anything even vaguely similar to it, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

RD plays very much like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. Text is displayed for a while, and eventually you will be prompted to make a choice based on the text. You navigate the mansion that way, you fight battles that way, and in fact, you do everything that way.

At the core of any novel - whether it’s pushed as a paperback or hardcover book, a PDF file on some website, or a game like this one - is its story and its writing.

Translation Description:

The patching program you need to use is a special program made by Demi that inserts the translated script into the game. Unzip CABBAGE.EXE and SCRIPT.DAT into the same directory as your rom. You can either rename your rom to RAD-J.SMC and double-click CABBAGE.EXE, or you if you know your DOS, just type CABBAGE ROMNAME.SMC at the command prompt. Naturally, type in the actual name of the rom, please. This patch will work on all versions of Radical Dreamers, including the 1MB rom that crashes when you run it unpatched in emulators. In that case, CABBAGE.EXE will automatically fix the rom for you so you can play it on emulators. Yays!

One thing to note: after patching the game, when the save menu thing comes up, pick any of the numbered options, press A, then press start to begin the game.

Demi’s work is second to none. The writing is excellent and everything is translated. Happy reading! This new version 1.2 fixes some text errors and adds a new title screen, thanks to FuSoYa’s graphic decompressing thing.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Radical Dreamers - Nusume Nai Houseki (Japan) (BS).smc
  • CRC32: 660B8CC4
  • MD5: 5D1C642C23D0BB113ACE249A586F0689
  • SHA1: A4FF257E0CA71A60A7D76EA49B0DBAB770268A5F


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
DemiProductionHacking & Translation
Loek van KootenTranslation
DisnesquickOriginal HackingDumped the font which originally got Demi interested in working on the game!
MadokaHackingHe figured out how to dump a Satellaview game into a ROM & hack the game so that it uses its own
CStrifeHackingCoded an updated script decompressor.
Radical RHackingFor updating the source code to include the changes that his patch did.
Dreamer_NomHackingFor posting information about the changes for ASM code that allows saving & various of other thi

User Review Information

A great visual novel, from between Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross

Reviewed By: yetisyny on 17 Oct 2018

This translation is quite good, done in the same style as Squaresoft’s official translations of the game that comes before this, Chrono Trigger for SNES, and the game that comes after this, Chrono Cross for the original PlayStation. It has a little bit of French thrown in now and again just for fun, similarly to Chrono Cross. The font used is a very nice, easy-to-read but small variable-width font, a true work of pixel art, the kind of font you would find in a Game Boy Advance title. There are a few extras thrown in like a music player and a parody of the English-language opening of the Sega Genesis game Zero Wing. The patcher is able to handle multiple different versions of the game and is quite well done.

My only gripe with this work is, this patcher is a Win32 .EXE file, specifically a Win32 console application, and thus does not work on other operating systems such as Mac or Linux machines without some kind of Windows emulation layer, such as WINE, or the combination of DOSBox with HX DOS Extender. Personally I borrowed a Windows computer to patch it since my main computer is a Mac. It is a shame this patcher is not open source, then it could be made cross-platform, but if you are a Windows user you should not have any difficulty running it.

Regarding this game, it’s part of the Chrono series, an immediate sequel to Chrono Trigger that came out before Chrono Cross, and it is a much smaller game than Chrono Cross. Most of the ideas and music in this game were later incorporated into Chrono Cross, so if you have already played Chrono Cross you will find Radical Dreamers to have some similarities, and if you play Radical Dreamers and then Chrono Cross you will also notice this. But actually this game is quite different from Chrono Cross, an entirely different genre, as a visual novel instead of an RPG, and the storyline is different too.

In this game you play as Serge, one of the 3 members of a band of thieves known as the Radical Dreamers. The other 2 in your party are Kid and Magil. The story takes place on an evening when you are all plotting to raid a place called Viper Maner ruled over by a guy called Lord Lynx, in order to try and steal a precious gem called the Frozen Flame. Both Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross are direct sequels to Chrono Trigger, but they take place in alternate timelines or parallel universes, whichever you prefer calling it. In fact Radical Dreamers has quite a number of different scenarios besides the main scenario, all of which take place in parallel universes or timelines.

This same idea of parallel universes is later used in Chrono Cross but in a very different way than in Radical Dreamers. This replaces the earlier game mechanic from this series of time travel that you see in Chrono Trigger. I encourage people to play through all the different scenarios. All the other scenarios get unlocked after beating the main, canonical scenario. And then a few extras thrown in by Demi get unlocked after you beat all the scenarios, but you have to really know what you are doing to find them.

Radical Dreamers has some nice music and is quite well-written, which kinda compensates for the lackluster graphics. Don’t expect great visuals just because this is a “visual” novel, mostly stuff is described in words and you will have to use your imagination, like when you read an actual book novel that is on paper.

Also the plot and characters are connected in several ways, connecting Radical Dreamers both back to Chrono Trigger and connecting it to Chrono Cross. Chrono Cross can largely be thought of as a greatly expanded and revised version of Radical Dreamers that changes things back from the visual novel genre to the RPG genre and makes everything much bigger and more complicated. But Radical Dreamers has its own unique charm and is a hidden gem for fans of Chrono games.

Radical Dreamers was originally released for the Satellaview, an addon for the Super Famicom in Japan that required a subscription to the BS-X satellite service from a company St.GIGA. It is pretty hard to get Satellaview games to work in regular SNES emulators but this translation hack manages to do it, and is compatible with all major SNES emulators… bsnes/higan, Snes9x, and even ZSNES, impressive given how ZSNES has literally zero Satellaview support.

This is quite an excellent translation hack, just superbly done, excellent work by everyone on the team, I highly recommend it.

Version 1.4 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
As Authentic As It Gets!Eldrethor01 May 20201.4Yes
A great visual novel, from between Chrono Trigger & Chrono Crossyetisyny17 Oct 20181.4Yes
A strange but intriguing side storyBallz16 Jan 20171.4Yes