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Game Boy

Game Description:

Noobow is an action platformer game for the Game Boy.

Translation Description:

This is a complete translation patch for the GB platformer, Noobow. Thanks goes to Eien ni Hen for translating, danke and FlashPV for helping with the graphics.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Noobow (Japan)
  • (No-Intro version 20130802-061634)
  • ROM/File MD5: CCD0CF7CC240714A9694E1FE296AFB7C
  • ROM/File SHA-1: B571D9051E3A9F1A55533B4F43941CAE907AEDFF
  • ROM/File CRC32: 8BBCC8BB


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Eien Ni HenTranslation
dankeGraphicsGraphic Design and Hacking
FlashPVGraphicsGraphic Design and Hacking

User Review Information

Sweet translation of a sweet game

Reviewed By: goldenband on 10 Dec 2018

Stardust Crusaders have done us all a solid by localizing this cute puzzle-platformer. Sure, it’s not exactly Abe’s Oddysee, but to fault Noobow for its simplicity (as another reviewer has done) misses the point of a game that’s clearly meant for kids.

And unlike many other children’s games – which, as we all know, are often trash – Noobow has charming aesthetics and thoughtful design, with a lot of effort put into making sure the player is never in an unwinnable situation. (Well, almost never: I did have to reset once.) The sound and music are hit-or-miss, but the character graphics are lovely, though a few of the items are hard to identify at first glance.

If a game is already playable without the language, people inevitably question why a translation was even needed (one off-site review even calls the patch “totally unnecessary”!). But even with a simple game like Noobow, knowing what’s going on really adds to the experience and enhances its whimsical charm. Stardust Crusaders’ English-language script strikes exactly the right tone, sweet-natured and slightly old-fashioned, like Winnie the Pooh or Peter Rabbit.

If you have young children, Noobow is just the thing to put on your Super Game Boy and sit with them while they play through it. If you don’t, but you like quirky Game Boy games and have a lazy hour to spare, it’s a pleasantly soothing experience – like watching My Neighbor Totoro in video game form. And now, with a well-written and cleanly-implemented English localization, it’s more accessible than ever.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Sweet translation of a sweet gamegoldenband10 Dec 20181.0Yes
Thumbs up from me.Bonkers!29 May 20181.0Yes
Not a good gameJeville29 May 20181.0No