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Mega Man 4 Voyage

Hack of Mega Man 4


This ROM hack is a major overhaul of Mega Man 4 that changes the original game so much that it can almost be considered a new game altogether. In fact, with the exception of the names of the 8 robot masters, very little is left from the original game.

Mega Man 4 Voyage strives to be one of the most extensive Mega Man ROM hacks to be 100% completed and released to date, with an original storyline, new places to explore, reprogrammed robot master AIs, an improved weapon arsenal, new fortress bosses and an enormous soundtrack with almost 40 original songs to accompany it all. At the same time, it still tries to stick to the “run, jump and shoot” formula of the original classic Mega Man games. The hack should be suitable for veterans and casual players alike; it is more difficult than the original Mega Man 4, but easier than most other ROM hacks and fan games out there.

What started as a one-man project has resulted in a fine collaboration between DurfarC (main author, level design, programming, music), MartsINY (main boss designer, programming) and chiptune composers Golden Shades, RRThiel, Cosmic Gem and MarkTherence. Furthermore, the hack incorporates patches, programming assets and graphics from a wide range of people.

Please check out the README file for more information about the hack, including more detailed credits. Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Mega Man 4 (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File SHA-1: 2AE9A049DAFC8C7577584B4B9256F7EF8932B29C
  • ROM SHA-1: 673A888C468ABE33FB0B3F063C6837DD21D5D32B




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
DurfarCHackingProgramming, level design, music, a few bosses
MartsINYHackingMain boss programmer, programming, minor level design
Golden ShadesMusic
Cosmic GemMusic

User Review Information

Not Just Another Mega Man 4 ROM Hack

Reviewed By: Josephine Lithius on 16 Dec 2018

As advertised, this is a complete ROM hack. There’s new levels, new music, new enemies, even some new weapons and bosses! It’s the full package. But, I haven’t told you anything that isn’t already in the description, so let’s break it down!

The first thing I noticed was all the new music. From the prologue to the final credits, every song from the original game has been replaced by some kickin’ new tunes from some pretty notable names in the Mega Man community. I’m not really sure how injecting music into Mega Man 4-6 works, but all the music, here, was masterfully composed and placed into the ROM with care. However, the soundtrack had the same effect on me that the one for Sonic Rush did: I really like the soundtrack… but, I don’t think every songs fits its chosen area.

One that I didn’t think fit very well was Pharaohman’s stage. The stage is a desert and pyramid, but the song is kind of upbeat and has a bit of echo with underlying counter-melodies. That sort of song is fantastic for a cave or jungle stage, but I don’t think it worked for the pyramid stage.

I’m also a little sad that there is practically no trace of any classic Mega Man music to be found anywhere, aside from one place, and even then, it was kind of brief. This also comes as a surprise because this game is rife with throwbacks!

The level designs are pretty good and feel pretty official! The levels, themselves, are a little harder than the base game, but it’s pretty balanced by a fair amount of items and, of course, the modern convention of actually warning the player of what’s coming up! When a new gameplay mechanic is introduced – such as enemies popping out of holes or out of the ceiling, or HP-eating laser beams from nowhere – they’re introduced in a way where the player should be relatively safe. A lot of attention was paid to make sure everything was as smooth as smooth could be.

There are a massive number of additional enemies, all imported from earlier or later titles. Except to run into a lot of familiar faces from unexpected places! However, if you’re as familiar with the enemy robots as I am, you might be surprised by how some of these enemies act. Basically, if an enemy was brought in from any game other than Mega Man 4-6, its behavior or animations aren’t going to be perfectly spot-on. This is understandable because, while swapping enemies from the last three NES games around is relatively easy, due to the engine being almost completely the same, enemies from the first three games – as well as later one – had to be hand-coded. Still, I think a little more care could have been taken to make the enemies mimic their commercial counterparts. Illusians stick out, in my mind, since they can physically hurt the player, even though they couldn’t in Mega Man 9 (or, Mega Man Unlimited, for what that’s worth). But, these are all negligible and only someone as focused on the details as I am might notice.

On a similar topic, I think that the new boss AI works pretty well, overall. The patterns are a little predictable, once you learn them, but very surprising, the first time around! They’re also pretty creative and even give nods to other games, on occasion. Dustman, for example, has an attack a nod to one of the Mega Man 8 (my second-favorite game) Robot Masters! I do have to say, though, that some of the attacks might benefit from a little more forewarning. I remember getting nailed by one of Drillman’s new attacks because I never saw it coming. Nothing does an unreasonable amount of damage, though, and there aren’t any instant-death attacks that I’m aware of, so it’s fair enough! I had a lot of fun fighting the new AI, in fact! The Wily Stage bosses are especially great and I’d love to see more of what MartsINY (the main boss programmer) can do with this engine, sometime!

Lastly, I want to say that, while I appreciate the new weapons for what they are… I’m really not fond of the weapon order being what it is. I found myself using Ringman and Skullman’s weapons most-often, and they’re in pretty inconvenient places, if you’re using the Select button, or Down + Select, to scroll to them. But, I can’t blame the hack creators for that. The original game wasn’t made with weapon-cycling in mind, after all! Also, the hidden weapons are kind of fun to play with, but I didn’t find them terribly useful, outside of where you actually find them.

Anyway, I’d say that while this hack isn’t quite on the same level as PureSabe’s Rockman 4 Minus Infinity, this is definitely a hack that goes beyond the norm in a lot of good ways! As DurfarC said, it can “almost be considered a new game,” with all the things that are changed or new! I can confidently recommend this ROM hack for download and play!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Voyage is a great game... but not without flawsSnufflepus Penguin19 Aug 20201.06Yes
I love thisYave02 Jun 20201.06Yes
Mega Man 4 Voyage - EXCELLENTDobu_GM01 Jun 20201.06Yes
ProfessionalCANbus25 Mar 20201.06Yes
Just funbibble8908 Feb 20201.06Yes
MM4V. It is perfectly. More than just a hackdiablo66604 Dec 20191.06Yes
ExcellentJRIVA22 May 20191.06Yes
How is This Just a Hack?Mother Kojiro30 Mar 20191.06Yes
Fantastic gameQuint03 Mar 20191.06Yes
Very goodhojo07 Jan 20191.04Yes
Amazing music, great fun...until the last few levelsKevvyLava02 Jan 20191.03Yes
A fun well-designed ROM Hackcrfstewarje21 Dec 20181.02Yes
Easily one of the best Megaman ROM HacksSatoshi_Matrix18 Dec 20181.02Yes
One of the best Mega Man Hacks I've playedXIII Hearts18 Dec 20181.01Yes
Not Just Another Mega Man 4 ROM HackJosephine Lithius16 Dec 20181.0Yes
One of the best hack of megamanikusatatsu_ushiromiya16 Dec 20181.0Yes