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Mega Man 4 Voyage

Hack of Mega Man 4


This ROM hack is a major overhaul of Mega Man 4 that changes the original game so much that it can almost be considered a new game altogether. In fact, with the exception of the names of the 8 robot masters, very little is left from the original game.

Mega Man 4 Voyage strives to be one of the most extensive Mega Man ROM hacks to be 100% completed and released to date, with an original storyline, new places to explore, reprogrammed robot master AIs, an improved weapon arsenal, new fortress bosses and an enormous soundtrack with almost 40 original songs to accompany it all. At the same time, it still tries to stick to the “run, jump and shoot” formula of the original classic Mega Man games. The hack should be suitable for veterans and casual players alike; it is more difficult than the original Mega Man 4, but easier than most other ROM hacks and fan games out there.

What started as a one-man project has resulted in a fine collaboration between DurfarC (main author, level design, programming, music), MartsINY (main boss designer, programming) and chiptune composers Golden Shades, RRThiel, Cosmic Gem and MarkTherence. Furthermore, the hack incorporates patches, programming assets and graphics from a wide range of people.

Please check out the README file for more information about the hack, including more detailed credits. Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Mega Man 4 (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File SHA-1: 2AE9A049DAFC8C7577584B4B9256F7EF8932B29C
  • ROM SHA-1: 673A888C468ABE33FB0B3F063C6837DD21D5D32B




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
DurfarCHackingProgramming, level design, music, a few bosses
MartsINYHackingMain boss programmer, programming, minor level design
Golden ShadesMusic
Cosmic GemMusic

User Review Information

A fun well-designed ROM Hack

Reviewed By: crfstewarje on 21 Dec 2018

Mega Man 4 Voyage, is a Mega Man 4 Hack that is seven years in the making. The game was finally finished in mid-December of 2018. And after my anticipation of the game for so many months, it was finally time to check it out. Let me say that Mega Man 4 Voyage does not disappoint.

I’ve seen some people comparing this game to Rock Man 4: Minus Infinity (another Mega Man 4 hack). And while I do agree that Voyage does not surpass it in terms of creativity, it definitely has a sense of quality. One of the things that I got my attention about the game, was the music. Every soundtrack is 100% original, and with the exception of a few, many of the tracks fit their respective stages well. The tracks also have personality too. For example; Drill Man’s stage theme fits the notion of traveling underground above a sunny sky. Skull Man’s stage theme fits that of a haunted manor, Dive Man’s theme is melancholic and ties into exploring the ocean, depths, etc.

The robot masters are challenging in this game (in some ways more than the original). Moreover, they rarely feel unfair. Bosses like Dustman have a new set of attacks (there’s even a callback to Search Man in Mega Man 8). Toad Man is more erratic and dangerous this time around, and using your buster against him won’t put him in a state, where he just hops around without any retaliation. Then there’s Dive Man, who lacks the speed he had in Mega Man 4. However, he makes up for that with a new and dangerous barrage of missiles, which keep you on your toes. The list goes on. There were a few times, I feel like some of the boss attacks could have been telegraphed better. An example of this, is Pharaoh Man’s charge attack, which (while cool), could easily throw the most experienced Mega Man veteran off.

Lastly, let’s talk about the stages themselves, which are mostly solid. Mega Man 4 Voyage fixes things previous Mega Man games have failed to do in some regard: putting warnings before upcoming obstacles. For example; remember the pit enemies from Dustman’s stage that could throw you off? Well this time, there is an enemy warning sign before they appear, so that you know they are coming. That is good design. Bright Man’s stage also has force beams, but there is a rapidly flashing neon sign before the area, which let’s you know that danger is ahead. There are also some cool ideas that work well on paper and are executed well too. An example of this, is the side-scrolling instant death drill in Drill Man’s stage, the branching paths of Dive Man’s stage, the weakened floors of Skull Man’s stage, etc. I do feel like some ideas could have been mixed better though. For example; Toad Man’s stage starts off as an ice level. However, for it to go from an ice theme, to an Plug Man type level in the end, did not mesh well for me.

Platforming is of course, also a stage focus too, mixed with a fair amount of enemies (just like a Mega Man game should do). Enemies are often well placed too, mostly. For example; There are some stages in the game that have the claw grabbing enemies from Mega Man 9 (in Galaxy Man’s stage), that try and grab you to push you into obstacles. Sometimes this works well in the level design’s favor, but other times, not some much. For example; there’s an area in Bright Man’s stage where the enemies appear. After that, is a ladder leading to the next area. You think you’re in the clear, but a claw enemy can grab you and push you off the ledge. So this felt a bit unfair. While the boss stages can be hit and miss sometimes, where the game really shines is the Wily stages. I won’t spoil anything for those who have not played the hack. So I will just leave it at this; the level quality really felt like it shined here. The difficulty stays at a steady balance with a slow increase, and some of the bosses get ramped quite a bit in difficultly too. .

Overall, Mega Man 4 Voyage is game that lived up to my expectations. While not perfect, it has good level-design, a memorable soundtrack, Mega Man 4 bosses that are even more challenging than the original, well-designed Wily stages, etc. If you are reading this review and have not checked out the hack yet, I highly recommend it.

Version 1.02 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
ExcellentJRIVA22 May 20191.06Yes
How is This Just a Hack?Mother Kojiro30 Mar 20191.06Yes
Fantastic gameQuint03 Mar 20191.06Yes
Very goodhojo07 Jan 20191.04Yes
Amazing music, great fun...until the last few levelsKevvyLava02 Jan 20191.03Yes
A fun well-designed ROM Hackcrfstewarje21 Dec 20181.02Yes
Easily one of the best Megaman ROM HacksSatoshi_Matrix18 Dec 20181.02Yes
One of the best Mega Man Hacks I've playedXIII Hearts18 Dec 20181.01Yes
Not Just Another Mega Man 4 ROM HackJosephine Lithius16 Dec 20181.0Yes
One of the best hack of megamanikusatatsu_ushiromiya16 Dec 20181.0Yes