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Journey to Silius – Boss Run

Hack of Journey to Silius


This simple hack removes all the scrolling stages of the game and pits the player against each boss, one after another without health/weapon replenishment nor extra lives nor continues.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Journey to Silius (USA).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 8F77CCE0
  • MD5: 407B5151F2642523CBA218F927926E9C
  • SHA-1: 275244538589393B552B159AB1D380090C8E8996
  • SHA-256: AA887E0DC17B8915DDDBEF4528614BC8CA521E7B77DDEF90A56F963549AA4BF4




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Jedi QuestMasterHacking

User Review Information

This is awesome but still freezes....

Reviewed By: DemoniusX on 03 Jan 2019

This is a really awesome hack to one of my favorite N.E.S Games of all time. Some of the levels are head ache inducing and, to me at least, is a way for people to practice on bosses they were unable to beat. JtS_BR ALSO gives veterans a added challenge to a already mildly difficult game.

The only draw back is the game still freezes with the newest version (1.1). I am also using the newest version of Nestopia + and the hack ran fine twice and then would freeze after the first boss, each time there after. Kind of a shame, but this problem could just be my own so don’t let that stop you for enjoying this awesome hack! Totally recommended!

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
This is awesome but still freezes....DemoniusX03 Jan 20191.1Yes