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Mega Man 4 Voyage

Hack of Mega Man 4


This ROM hack is a major overhaul of Mega Man 4 that changes the original game so much that it can almost be considered a new game altogether. In fact, with the exception of the names of the 8 robot masters, very little is left from the original game.

Mega Man 4 Voyage strives to be one of the most extensive Mega Man ROM hacks to be 100% completed and released to date, with an original storyline, new places to explore, reprogrammed robot master AIs, an improved weapon arsenal, new fortress bosses and an enormous soundtrack with almost 40 original songs to accompany it all. At the same time, it still tries to stick to the “run, jump and shoot” formula of the original classic Mega Man games. The hack should be suitable for veterans and casual players alike; it is more difficult than the original Mega Man 4, but easier than most other ROM hacks and fan games out there.

What started as a one-man project has resulted in a fine collaboration between DurfarC (main author, level design, programming, music), MartsINY (main boss designer, programming) and chiptune composers Golden Shades, RRThiel, Cosmic Gem and MarkTherence. Furthermore, the hack incorporates patches, programming assets and graphics from a wide range of people.

Please check out the README file for more information about the hack, including more detailed credits. Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Mega Man 4 (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File SHA-1: 2AE9A049DAFC8C7577584B4B9256F7EF8932B29C
  • ROM SHA-1: 673A888C468ABE33FB0B3F063C6837DD21D5D32B




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
DurfarCHackingProgramming, level design, music, a few bosses
MartsINYHackingMain boss programmer, programming, minor level design
Golden ShadesMusic
Cosmic GemMusic

User Review Information

Very good

Reviewed By: hojo on 07 Jan 2019

The comparisons with Minus Infinity are gonna be inevitable, so I’ll go ahead and say that from a technical perspective MI is a lot more impressive, BUT, that doesn’t mean this hack is bad, in fact, I think it’s better than MI in other aspects.

If you’ve played MI to completion you know it goes off the rails a lot, specially towards the end, to the point that sometimes it no longer feels like you’re playing a Mega Man game, this hack is a lot more held back, and as a result, it does feel more like a proper Mega Man game. Add to that a pretty solid level design, completely new and (mostly) fun AI patterns for the Robot Masters and an awesome and original sound track, and you’ve got a pretty good hack that could very well be a stand alone game.

There’s some enemies and gimmicks from MM9 and 10 here, I personally love seeing them implemented in an actual NES game and what’s more, working exactly as you would expect. There’s also a few original gimmicks, they’re fairly basic, don’t expect any crazy stuff, but they’re implemented well.

The difficulty is hard but fair, the RMs are fun to fight with their new AIs, although some of them may feel to cheap if you’re going buster only (like Ring Man) but I do like how losing the charge after getting hit makes the fights more tactical. The difficulty does ramp up a bit in the castle levels with multiple mid bosses and some bosses having multiple forms, specially because E-Tanks are scarce, but I believe if you exploit their weakness and practice enough they’re still manageable.

And seriously, the music is great, I can’t stress that enough, not only is it well composed, but it does a pretty good job imitating the Mega Man style, if I didn’t know better I would say it was from an official game, each castle level even has its own song, what luxury!

I do have a few complaints though, mostly regarding some boss choices in the castle levels (spoilers ahead) :

First, I guess the author was a little fascinated with the Mega Man clone gimmick, because it’s used a total of 3 times, one as a mid-boss and two times as a regular boss, and in fact, the last battle has two “forms” and there’s also a regular clone enemy, so if you wanna be petty about it you can say you fight them a total of 5 times. Though in the author’s defense, these fights do come in different forms (MM1, MM3 and MM9), so at least there’s some variety, but I think the the MM3-style fights could have been cut off as they’re the least interesting.

Second, in a similar vein, the “fight old RMs” gimmick also gets used in two different levels as both mid bosses and end level bosses. Just like before, they come in different forms too, one being the Doc Robots from MM3 and the other being the RM Archive from MM10. While I do think that both are pretty cool, I think one would have been enough. There’s also a bit of inconsistency between the representation here, in total, you fight 10 RMs this way (2 Doc Robots, 4 RM Archive fights with 2 RMs each), that should leave enough room for one RM from each game, right? Maybe throw in MM&B in there since this is still technically MM4 and a MM4 RM would be redundant, specially considering you do refight this game’s bosses in the level right after the Archive? But, no, there’s no MM1 or 5 representative, and the Archive does have Drill Man in it, albeit using a simplified AI (I think the original one), but still, it does feel redundant.

These are minor pet peeves though, and the overall experience is still great and I highly recommend you give it a try. It’s rare that we get MM hacks of this quality and we probably won’t see another one in a while, even the also recently released Spirit of Hackers is not as good, IMO.

Version 1.04 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Voyage is a great game... but not without flawsSnufflepus Penguin19 Aug 20201.06Yes
I love thisYave02 Jun 20201.06Yes
Mega Man 4 Voyage - EXCELLENTDobu_GM01 Jun 20201.06Yes
ProfessionalCANbus25 Mar 20201.06Yes
Just funbibble8908 Feb 20201.06Yes
MM4V. It is perfectly. More than just a hackdiablo66604 Dec 20191.06Yes
ExcellentJRIVA22 May 20191.06Yes
How is This Just a Hack?Mother Kojiro30 Mar 20191.06Yes
Fantastic gameQuint03 Mar 20191.06Yes
Very goodhojo07 Jan 20191.04Yes
Amazing music, great fun...until the last few levelsKevvyLava02 Jan 20191.03Yes
A fun well-designed ROM Hackcrfstewarje21 Dec 20181.02Yes
Easily one of the best Megaman ROM HacksSatoshi_Matrix18 Dec 20181.02Yes
One of the best Mega Man Hacks I've playedXIII Hearts18 Dec 20181.01Yes
Not Just Another Mega Man 4 ROM HackJosephine Lithius16 Dec 20181.0Yes
One of the best hack of megamanikusatatsu_ushiromiya16 Dec 20181.0Yes