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Wario Land SNES

Hack of Super Mario World


A full remake of Wario Land 1 based on the Super Mario World engine.

If you like this, the developer’s Youtube channel is at All feedback should be directed that way.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario World (U) [!].smc
  • CRC32: B19ED489
  • MD5: CDD3C8C37322978CA8669B34BC89C804
  • SHA-1: 6B47BB75D16514B6A476AA0C73A683A2A4C18765
  • SHA-256: 0838E531FE22C077528FEBE14CB3FF7C492F1F5FA8DE354192BDFF7137C27F5B




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
xXchainchomp01DesignLevel design (when original), most development
CM30HackingTech help and certain bosses

User Review Information

Awesome, but flawed

Reviewed By: goldug on 29 Jan 2019

I tried this for the first time just now, and it’s very good work, but flawed. My main gripes so far: 1. You can’t dash. That’s probably very hard to implement, but if it’s impossible, you should not have taken out the ability to run. 2. There doesn’t seem to be any point to actually play the levels, as they’re all unlocked already. I don’t know if it’s by design or it’s something wrong on my end, but I can go to any level I want and complete it, but there’s really no point.

These flaws are the reason I cannot recommend the hack, but I can’t not recommend it. If these flaws were addressed in a future version, I would really recommend this hack.

Version 2.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Awesome, but flawedgoldug29 Jan 20192.0No