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Front Mission

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

People in the scene go wild over many of the things in Japan. J-Pop. Giant Mechas. Strategy RPGs. Well, Front Mission takes two of those three things (guess which ones), and swirls them together. The combination of giant robots with huge-ass guns fighting in a turn-based strategy environment should satisfy the inner fan-boy in all of us. The graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay is excellent SRPG fare. So maybe you’ll like it more than Spinner 8 did. Probably.

Translation Description:

This translation took a long time and is the fruit of many, many people’s labors. Kudos to F.H. and crew for a job well done.

Although this patch expands the ROM to 32mb/4MB in the internal header, it doesn’t actually expand the ROM file to match. This result is a poorly expanded ROM that may have trouble in some emulators. If your emulator has trouble running this, simply pad the ROM file out to 32mb/4MB.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: Japan
  • Internal checksum 9B9B
  • CRC32 FE27E061
  • MD5 8098A3D165FFF3E4D786E2902D21FD2C
  • SHA-1 415A01C011A8294630315A2AF29F8DA5A4645EF4
  • SHA-256 8AEC7B5F528D321D548C0EFFD877C7821D5231D566AD069E7D2246AC85490B62
  • Front Mission (Japan) (No-Intro 2014-12-21)


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
AkujinTranslationJapanese Translator and Script Editor
HojoTranslationJapanese Translator
David Mullen (MakoKnight)Script Editing/RevisionScript Editor, Util/Game testing, various menu translations.
Shih TzuScript Editing/RevisionAssistant Script Editor.
F.H.HackingScript Editor, script extraction/insertion tools, game code modifications/additions, game testing
Dark ForceScript Editing/RevisionEUC-JIS table file.

User Review Information

Not Perfect But Still Good

Reviewed By: Eldrethor on 10 Mar 2019

Back in the day, Front Mission was a great hidden gem that never got the English translation that it deserved until the Nintendo DS era. This fan translation that we got was an impressive feat in the early days of SNES emulation, and although it has a few rough edges, it does a great job telling the story to English speakers.

For a Japanese game, Front Mission is peculiar in that it has a surprising amount of English in it. In fact, most of the game’s interfaces are entirely in English, with a splash of Japanese here and there. This translation takes care of the rest, which are the character dialogues, the story text, and the weapon descriptions. Since the game’s typefaces already contain English letters, the translation conveniently uses that in the text, and it works well, even if the individual letters are a bit wide.

The translation perfectly captures the personalities of the large cast of characters in the game, though I have some mixed feelings about the few, rare moments when a character swears. On one hand, it fits the gruff, grungy, wartime atmosphere of the game. But on the other hand, Nintendo’s strict content policies in the 90’s meant that foul language would be practically non-existing in any SNES titles, which makes even the slightest bit of swearing feel oddly jarring. I have nothing against foul language, but I feel that not keeping with the spirit of the times lends itself to breaking the subtle immersion of diving into what could otherwise pass for an official Square translation.

The localization could also use a slight bit of polish in a few places; there are times when the direct translation of linguistic nuances causes the dialogue to feel a bit disjointed or out of place in English. One immediate case in point is the use of “Kyaaa!” as a loud yell, which would resonate just fine with a Japanese speaker, but “Aaaah!” would be a more natural choice for an English speaker.

One critical issue that I found was that there were about two or three screens where the text is entirely invisible in SNES9x, and this occurred about three-quarters of the way into the game. Although the game continues on as normal after that, it’s a bit disappointing to see that bit of story broken, after several hours of clean text otherwise.

Despite my criticisms, one thing to remember is that this patch came at a time when fan translations were still in its infancy. Today, English speakers now have access to an official translation (and excellent remastering) of the game on the Nintendo DS, but this one still holds up well for those who want the original SFC experience.

Version 1.0b Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Not Perfect But Still GoodEldrethor10 Mar 20191.0bYes
Well worth a play thoughiapetus24 Jul 2008N/AYes