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Super Mario Land DX

Hack of Super Mario Land


Super Mario Land DX is a romhack of the original Super Mario Land for the Game Boy that turns the game into a Game Boy Color game. It adds color and changes the graphics to give the game a modern look.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Super Mario Land (World)
  • (No-Intro version 20130802-061634)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: 3A4DDB39B234A67FFB361EE7ABC3D23E0A8B1C89
  • ROM Size: 65536 (10000)
  • ROM CRC32: 90776841




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

The best colorful Super Mario Land Ever!

Reviewed By: Geoshi on 24 Apr 2019

I’m really impressed with this ROM Hack for Super Mario Land and it’s certainly better than the other colored ROM Hacks where they were just simply colored with no professional effort and didn’t stay as close to the elements source material as possible with the palette limitations until Super Mario Land DX by toruzz was born!

But it’s more than just a colored ROM hack from the original, now the sprites are more consistent and feel a bit more complete looking as they all have cartoony outlines now making it not clash, unlike the original Game Boy title. It even feels more alive with actual colored backgrounds now!

My only gripes are that it didn’t add at least one or two new content and fixing some issues to make the game even better and not badly flawed. For example sometimes, if Mario jumps onto a Piranha Plant, he goes right through it without getting harmed like in the original.

A minor issue that bothers me is that the 1UP Mushrooms didn’t replace the 1UP Hearts to make some replace use of the Game Boy Color. The original Game Boy games reasoning is that 1UP Hearts are used is because the 1-Up Mushrooms in black-and-white palettes of the original Game Boy would make it impossible to distinguish between 1-Up Mushrooms and Super Mushrooms. But now that there is color the 1UP Mushrooms should’ve fittingly be included. Just like how we can use special tunics in Link’s Awakening DX for the Game Boy Color. Super Mario Land 2: DX had 1UP Mushrooms and now it seems inconsistent the first game doesn’t have any to follow to the sequel.

What I was even more baffled about it that Luigi wasn’t included in this enhanced variant to Super Mario Land, which felt like a missed opportunity as Luigi fans would’ve had the option to save Princess Daisy more as his own story and fittingly save her since the two are commonly paired in the games, even as a Green Mario swap (his own psychics don’t have to be included, if it’s not possible) like in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for the GBC with edited text over Mario’s name to become “Luigi’s” name would’ve been the best way to save space storage with the limited ROM. Now that we have color in this I don’t see why it’s not a problem to include him regardless, Yet Luigi was added in Super Mario Land 2 DX? It now feels inconsistent with the sequel as well but not having him in the first game is the stranger part.

If an alternate patch to have 1UP Mushrooms and Luigi (or as his own patch) was included it would certainly make this hack twice as better and be fairly consistent to the sequel!

Overall, I still enjoy this version of the modified Game Boy Classic it’s better than the original Game Boy title I can say for sure, but I feel that Super Mario Land 2: DX is still more superior than the first games colored title. Now we just need Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land then all the Game Boy Wario Land and Super Mario Land games are complete in color!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Needs Some Improvements, But Otherwise Solid Hack!Tritnew06 Aug 20191.0Yes
Beautiful art but framerate/pacing issueswiedo08 Jul 20191.0No
Breathless..MiniComputer25 Jun 20191.0Yes
Incompatible with version 1.1, among other small issuesBlazeHeatnix27 May 20191.0Yes
IncredibleThirteen 135512 May 20191.0Yes
Great, just a few things to improve on...Mesacboy02 May 20191.0Yes
Not Perfect But Not A Catastrophe EitherEldrethor02 May 20191.0Yes
Colorization causes choppy frame rate - needs work before being considered definitive.DrDimension28 Apr 20191.0No
The definitive way to experience Super Mario LandChewbatrij27 Apr 20191.0Yes
Absolutely Amazinginsectduel26 Apr 20191.0Yes
The game is easy to play. Is excellent.Vallenatero201525 Apr 20191.0Yes
Great New Look for a Great Old GameTyrantnyx24 Apr 20191.0Yes
The best colorful Super Mario Land Ever!Geoshi24 Apr 20191.0Yes
An Impressive Surprise!TRIFORCE8923 Apr 20191.0Yes
A classic is reborn in stunning COLOR!phantom_with_a_rose23 Apr 20191.0Yes
Another great hack from ToruzzShade Aurion23 Apr 20191.0Yes
A great way to celebrate 30 years of the Game Boy!ShockwaveS0824 Apr 20191.0Yes