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Final Fantasy Tactics - Complete v2

Hack of Final Fantasy Tactics


Final Fantasy Tactics Complete v2 or FFTCv2 is a patch for the Final Fantasy Tactics psx game.

With only 9 months (and not 7 years without a single release), it has some modifications never seen in any other mods nor the PSP version.

Summary of changes:

  • It swaps O-X buttons.
  • Party roster extension up to 20 slots.
  • Dynamic level cap until the end of the game.
  • One additional job.
  • Monster job wheel after certain event.
  • New Game Plus.+
  • Translated novels.+
  • Some events are skippable.+
  • And much more (check the README for more details).

+Since version 1.2.

This is the first patch -released- that has translated novels and NG+ feature fully working.

Since v2.0, this patch:

  • does not contain anything from ‘FFT Complete’
  • all custom sprites were removed

Special thanks to:

  • melonhead for all he did (a truly master hacker, not like some others).
  • Archael for the best FFT patch ever created.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • SCUS-94221




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
XjamxxProductionHacks, fixes, sprites and implementation
melonheadHackingFFTPatcher suite
RavenOfRazgrizHackingEVT and ATT tools
Tuffy da BubbaTranslation3 of 4 Novels

User Review Information

Early Impressions

Reviewed By: Ventis Aurelius on 30 May 2019

As of version 1.11, I have been enjoying my time with Final Fantasy Tactics - Complete v2. I’ve only played about 7 hours into the game but it’s a breath of fresh air to otherwise an old but wonderful game.

The dynamic level cap was a great way to keep from over leveling when you just wanted to grind for job points. Along with your levels being capped throughout the game, the jobs that you can unlocked are also locked behind story progression. It forced me to use job combinations and skills that I would normally use playing through the base game.

Now for the quality of life changes that I found out so far from my playtime of the game. From what I can tell, random encounters are gone. Wherever you decide to click on for your destination, you will never encounter a random battle as long as your destination isn’t a battle field. Which makes doing errands easier to complete or maybe you just want to get to get to another town because it’s selling new equipment. It’s a welcome change. The removal of guest characters from the roaster list is another improvement. They seem to level scale to your highest level character. No longer do you have to worry about teaching them skills or changing their equipment. But on the downside, you can no longer strip them of anything that you might want to use.

This is worth playing again just from these changes alone. I’ll be trying to finish this game sometime soon and maybe come back to write a more complete review. The only gripe that I have with this hack is that for some reason, could be on my end, the outfitters shop kind of freezes when I try to buy certain pieces of equipment. Otherwise, there’s no other issues. Well maybe a more in-depth changelog on the site to see even the minor changes.

Version 1.11 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Early ImpressionsVentis Aurelius30 May 20191.11Yes