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Moai Kun

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

This is a very strange game. It’s a platform puzzler, and it reminds me somewhat of Lolo for some reason. Anyway, you’re this dinosaur-looking thing and you have to collect these things and go through a door. I realise this descrtiption is vague, but it’s a puzzle game for crying out loud.

Anyway, as easy as collecting things and going through doors may sound, it ain’t! There’s all sorts of critters out to get you, and rocks to push around and bricks to head-butt. It’s good ‘ol fun puzzle-solving. Check it out.

Translation Description:

Yet another of the famed “title screen translations” where the only Japanese text in the entire game can be found in the title screen. So, there you go, here’s your game in English. Whee.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Moai-kun (Japan).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: A3A19253
  • MD5: 09ED65C2D06263899C2CDB04CAC0D5C9
  • SHA-1: 57FB1E3611EFDAEE0943DA34D9EAA0D86802C25A
  • SHA-256: 5D9592AB0EFC8065943453D3A046470CEFCB9DE09CCE2566CBD9D1564E401AE4


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
InVerseGraphicsTitle screen design
The Spoony BardGraphicsFont design

User Review Information

Headbangin' game

Reviewed By: goldenband on 25 Jun 2019

Ah, Moai-Kun, the game where you play a “cute” version of an Easter Island statue, who can comically injure itself by head-butting too many rocks in a short time. Looks painful.

Goofy exterior aside, Moai-Kun is in fact a very crisp puzzle-platformer, whose only real flaw is the annoyance of being forced to play 5 levels at a time. (I never understood why puzzle games like Moai-Kun and Flappy do that: once you’ve beaten a level, you’ve almost always got it 100% down, so why force the player to replay it?)

Do you need a title screen translation to play this game? No, but this patch has value in a couple ways. One, it shows that someone’s vetted the game to make sure you won’t get halfway through and discover a bunch of Japanese text that poses a roadblock. Two, it helps give you that “what it would have been like to play this on my NES back in 1991″ feeling – and Moai-Kun’s presentation is slick enough to trigger some Konami nostalgia, especially the music.

I haven’t played the more recent patch from Stardust Crusaders, so I can’t opine on which patch is better, though theirs looks nice. (Not sure what the “Engrish cleanup” in their patch was, unless they just fixed the misspelled “DIRECTER” in the credits.)

But Suicidal Translations’ patch got me through two playthroughs of this game, a decade apart, and I thought it at least deserved a review after being out for 18+ years. It’s a homely old patch but it works just fine.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Headbangin' gamegoldenband25 Jun 20191.0Yes