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Fire Emblem Binary

Hack of Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu


Fire Emblem Binary, named for the group of hackers that created it, is a hack of Genealogy of the Holy War aiming to enhance the gameplay experience. It goes about this by adding several ASM hacks to modernise Sigurd’s quest.

Pursuit is no longer required to strike twice. Every unit can score critical hits without Critical. Split promotions have been added for the vast majority of units. More of the holy weapons are obtainable, and one only needs the correct minor holy blood to use them. Weapon balance has been reformed and new ones added, so axe users are no longer completely left in the dust. Children are now capable of inheriting the “sword” skills regardless of their class, and in addition to that, more skill-granting items are present. The dismount feature from the two other SNES games has been added for all mounted units, allowing mounts to traverse more hostile terrain.

The story is the same as the vanilla game aside from a few minor event changes, so this is not aimed for those looking for a new story. This hack aims to provide a richer playing experience for people with a fondness for the vanilla Genealogy of the Holy War.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Headered ROM required.
  • No-Intro Name: Fire Emblem - Seisen no Keifu (Japan)
  • File MD5: F81CB0EECF4E48F763E2833B2ED23383
  • File SHA-1: 3F9D86B8B0685CB807AEFBB1DEEA01A77410E165
  • File CRC32: 5F9BEF0D




User Review Information

For FE4 Fans

Reviewed By: Starstream on 11 Jul 2019

This hack is really only for those who are already familiar with Genealogy of the Holy War. I recommend you play the Project Naga translation at least once, if not twice, before trying out this patch, because there’s no reliable English patch. The English patch does translate the menus, but I feel a main draw of the game is the story, meaning you have to be familiar with the story. The patch features global rebalancing of classes and combat, new branching promotions, incorporating sprites from the other two SNES FE games, and the result is a harder game, but a truly inspired one.

There are a few story changes that are really meaningful. I believe they’re improvements on the original story. They also lend themselves meaningfully to the gameplay. There are more items and more strategy involved. This hack requires you to go all-out in Romance, in item management, in money management, strategy, use of terrain, all in all, it’s a new and next level experience. If you’ve played FE4 multiple times and loved it, this is going to extend the replay value even further for you!

Version 2.97 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
For FE4 FansStarstream11 Jul 20192.97Yes